Why Are PXG Golf Clubs Expensive?

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As we all agree, golf is generally an expensive sport and its required playing equipment is costly to purchase and requires appropriate maintenance. Manufacturers of golf clubs and other equipment like PXG have varying degrees in price and quality, which are important considerations before golfers decide on the kind of golf clubs suitable for their game. 

Over the years, a continued increase in the price of golf equipment has been a global phenomenon that ultimately makes golfers expend a good amount of money on golf clubs. Interestingly, golfers tend to move from using a piece of particular golf equipment brand for a certain period to another in quest for a tool that will fittingly suit their individual game. With this in mind, it is quite difficult to find golf clubs that can be considered cheap at this point. However, the price of golf equipment has been taken to an extreme level by certain companies.

In the industry of golf equipment brands, few have a significant impact on the elite level of the game. In this article, we will be providing insight into PXG brand and questions about how good and expensive they are will be provided answers to. Let’s ride!

History of PXG 

History of PXG

This unique brand are founded and financed by billionaire Bob Parsons in 2014. Renown for his expensive identity, Parson is also the founder of GoDaddy, a hugely successful web hosting company. Aside from producing iron golf clubs, PXG has expanded to woods, wedges, putters, drivers and hybrids through the years with a guaranteed top level performance and distinctive look. Bob parson’s drive towards development and pioneering approach with a combination of passion for excellence, quality, and marketing strategy is what sets PXG uniquely apart from others in the industry of golf equipment makes.

Where are PXG golf clubs made?

The company’s headquarters is located in Scottsdale, Arizona in the United States. In addition to that, an exclusive 45-hole Scottsdale national club on the outskirts of the city-owned by Parson for test running of new inventions of golf clubs and other recreational activities.

Why are PXG golf clubs so expensive?

PXG golf clubs so expensive

As a brand committed to extensive research towards a total revolution of how golf equipment are typically made, PXG golf clubs are made with high quality materials which is a major reason for it’s expensiveness. Other several reasons why PXG golf clubs are expensive are highlighted below and explained in details.

1.Custom made fitting

Custom fitting is a growing trend and it’s a concept embraced by PXG to provide specific performance for golfers with diverse skill set. This is a major technological advancement in the golf equipment industry as it provides a long term value than the clubs purchased off the shelf. This concept has recently gained more popularity and recommendations among manufacturers. To ensure an accurately measured and analyzed golf club custom fitting, PXG has established a great relationship with club fitters to ensure proper and completed golf club custom fitting. Custom made clubs are processed prior to purchase and attracts an additional expense.

2.Materials used

Another major reason why PXG clubs are expensive is the material used during the creation and designing of the clubs. Premium material like 8620 carbon steel which is an essential part of the club head is a costly material. This high end material guarantee consistency and quality is assured, but the only downside is that it is more expensive to purchase.

3. Premium brand

Bob parson is the founder and financier of PXG and he is renowned as a man with expensive identity. The billionaire businessman establish this company in 2014 with the mindset of creating a better technology and particularly, a premium golf club. PXG brands are made with high grade materials with better technology, and they still enjoy increase patronage irrespective of the high price.

4. Technology 

PXG brands have a variety of options for golfer to chose from technologically built with unique benefits to suit the need of different golfers. This set of irons is best for better distance, feel, and forgiveness which guarantees a better playing experience. Additionally, the irons consist of custom weighting technology which allows players to have better control of the clubhead for different performances and feel. 

PXG golf clubs also come with a unique five times forging process as opposed to the usual double forged irons by other manufacturers, which is a significant improvement compared to other brands. The forging process ensures less vibration at impact and these qualities rank PXG as one of the best in the golf world technology-wise.


Below is a compiled list of frequently asked questions about why PXG golf clubs are so expensive. Let’s have a look at them!

Are PXG clubs made in China?

No! The company is established by Bob parson and its headquarters is situated in Scottsdale, Arizona in the united states.

Do any top golfers use PXG clubs?

As a brand designed to produce top-quality equipment, several superstars use PXG golf clubs. The list includes top golfers like Zach Johnson, James Hahn, Scott Langley, Danny Lee, and Kyle Stanley to mention a few. Additionally, Eight current PGA tour players are using PXG clubs or other equipment.

Does PXG only make clubs for seniors?

PXG golf clubs are accessible for purchase by every individual that can afford the irrespective of gender or skill level.

Do PXG offer military discounts?

As part of bob Parsons’s heroes initiative, there is a considerable slash in the price for veterans, retired and active military personnel in the united states on every golf club purchased. This move is to ensure that these gallant individuals are given a fair chance to purchase the expensive PXG clubs and ultimately give the company a positive image.

Closing thoughts

PXG as a brand has undoubtedly been at the top of the golf equipment industry since it’s inception in 2014. Bob Parsons is the founder and he is renowned for his expensive identity and desire for best technological outputs and quality. The major downside of PXG golf clubs is the cost but it’s worth every penny quality wise.

We have come to the conclusion of the article and we hope you get a satisfactory answer to all you queries about the article topic. For more questions, kindly reach out to us via the comment section. Thanks!

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