Do Golf Club Members Pay Green Fee? (Explained!)

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No, club members are not required to pay before they hit the green. Non-members are expected to pay a green fee before they are allowed to play on the golf course. 

Golf lovers have a big decision of which club to join or whether to join one at all. Join or not joining a golf club has a huge impact on your golf career and greatly influenced the green fee and conveniently other fees attached to golf.

For anyone who plays golf often then a golf membership is recommended. Before considering whether or not you purchase a golf membership it’s important you consider how often you play, what right you hope to have, and the cost. If you play more often weekly then membership will be of great value and save you a lot.

What Is A Green Fee?

What Is A Green Fee

The green fee is a cost to play golf. It is the cost you incur for being on the green of a golf course. This is the basic fee that allows you to play either nine or 18 holes, it’s the literal fee you pay for both walking and playing on the golf course.

What Other Fees Are There In Golf?

There are other fees golfers are expected or should volunteer to pay. This list of fees varies from golf course to golf course, which is excluded from the green fee. 

Another common fee before you can play golf includes; Cart fee. This is the fee for renting a golf cart which you will ride throughout your round. This fee is different from the green fee, although some luxurious golf clubs mandate golfers to ride with a golf cart whilst playing while and shuns walking for whatsoever reason.

Rental fees cover walking cart, golf clubs, and other needed accessories that makes you enjoy the golf rounds.

Golfers can pay for beverages and food separately during rounds. However, the core cost for playing golf is the green fee.

Things To Consider Before Becoming A Member Of A Golf Club?

 Becoming A Member Of A Golf Club

Before deciding to become a golf course member, you must consider the below


Membership at most clubhouses ranges from a few bucks to several thousand, all depending on facilities, location, and prestige.

Anyone earning modest wages signing up a clubhouse fee might be a huge investment.


Some golf courses especially those around Australia are known not to condone golfing snobbery. They fully understand that for some people golf membership is an index of success, more importantly as a means to play regularly.

Some prestigious courses can charge at high as $10,000 annually, so ensure you’re making a decent income especially if you feel this fee is enough to boost your self-image.


Golf membership is significantly cheaper, especially for regular players but yet it saves you the stress of paying for a green fee every time you hit the course.

Why Is Membership So Expensive?

A standardized golf course can cost millions to both build and maintain, thus membership can be expensive. 

Clubs with superior facilities such as an exotic clubhouse and several golf courses on the premises are known to charge more than courses with nine hours with a lower maintenance rate.

Unfortunately, most prestigious golf courses pay obsessive attention to their image, and fees are placed higher than usual with the intention to stop “common people” from joining, making these exotic clubs beyond reach to the golfing population.

What Are The Advantages Of Joining A Golf Club?

Have you found a club you like, that represents value for money, and is affordable, with a huge amount of perks and benefits you can enjoy over the year by being a member?


A lot of courses organizes several weekly competition for a small additional fee and the winner takes a prize either at the pro shop or a special coupon to spend in the clubhouse.

Special Golf Events

Clubs always organizes matchplay, twilight golf nights, masters morning breakfast, ambrose competition, and a host of other events to combine golf and socialization. As a member, you can enjoy these events.

Unlimited Golf

The primary reason for joining a golf club is unlimited access to the golf course. Members have unrestricted access to play golf seven days away compared to non-members who only have weekdays to play

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Green Fee Expensive?

Green Fee is either cheap or expensive. It depends on which course you decide to play. If you choose an exotic club then the fee would be expensive compared to it you are playing at a less expensive club.

Does All Golfer Pay Green Fee?

No, not all golfers pay a green fee. The green fee is solely for non-members of a golf club. Hence members are excluded from paying the green fee since their membership allows them all access to the course and clubhouse.

Is Green Fee Cheaper Than Membership?

You can’t categorically say Yes or No. If you only play golf a few days a month then a membership fee would be a waste of cash but if you play golf more often and relish the idea of enjoying the full package of a golf club then it would be economical for you to pay a membership fee.

Which Is Appropriate For You, Green Fee Or Membership

Ultimately, it depends on your golf intentions. If you want to play golf to relax over the weekends then a green fee is perfect but if you wish to forge a career in golf or the comfort and prestige associated with clubhouse mixed with unlimited golf time, then membership is best.


Green Fee are strictly for Non-members, which they have to pay before allow to play on the course. Different courses have different green fees with exotic clubs charging more because of the image, prestige, and superior facilities that they provide compared to regular golf courses.

To determine whether it’s right to opt to join a club or continue paying green fees depends heavily on how often you play.

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