What Golf Clubs Are Bendable? (8 Brands Enlisted)

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Most of the golf clubs from top-tier brands are bendable. These golf clubs are made with forged titanium materials, which make them bendable due to their softer titanium structure. Golf clubs with metal woods can also be bent for a player’s custom-fit provided the wood’s hosel is long enough to accommodate the bending bars to fit over its length. 

In this blog post, we are going to look at some bendable golf club brands, components of a bendable golf club, and materials used for bendable golf club heads. 

Bendable Golf ClubsComponents Of A Bendable Golf Club Materials Used For Making Bendable Golf ClubAward Nominations Received In Abbreviated Form
Callaway Bendable Rogue Iron golf clubThe gripAluminum BDI, BMP, BBP, BFW, BGII, GII, BW, and BPI
Titleist 718 AP2 ironsThe shaft Carbon SteelBH, BFW, BMP, BD, BPDI lists, BBP, BSGII, BW, BGII, and BPI. 
Cleveland bendable RTX-3 wedgeThe club headCarbon GraphiteBMP, BPI, and BPDI lists, BBP, BD, BH, BFW, BGII. 
Mizuno golf MP-5 Iron setHoselStainless Steel BPDI, BH, BFW, BD list, and BGII.
TaylorMade Bendable M4 ironsOffsetCarbon fiber BH, BFW, BMP, BD, BPDI lists, BBP, BSGII, BW, BGII, and BPI.
Wilson Bendable Staff C300 ironFerruleTitanium BMP, BH, BSGII, BPDI, BGII, BPI, BSGII, and BW
Odyssey bendable White Hot RXCavity BackMetalBMP and BBP
Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedge BladeZincBBP, BMP, BW, BPDI, BFW, BPI, BD, BGII, and BH

These Eight Brands Received Extensive Coverage And Kudos In The Manufacturing Of Bendable Golf Clubs.

1. Callaway

callaway golf clubs

Callaway golf clubs was awarded Gold and Silver in multiple categories in the Golf Digest’s Got List 2018. Also, two of Callaway golf clubs make the Best Drivers list with Gold rating. Furthermore, another two golf clubs from the Callaway received Gold rating in both the Best Players-Distance Irons and the Best Fairway Woods lists. There’s more, Callaway’s two golf clubs also received two Gold ratings anyone Silver rating for the Best Hybrids, three more received Gold in Best Game-Improvement Irons, and one each in Best Wedges, Game-Improvement Irons, and Best Players Irons in Gold. 

Callaway was only absent from few lists which includes the Best Blade Putter and the Best Mallet Putters. 

Concerning the Callaway Bendable Rogue Iron golf club, it was said that the model produces a massively stunning feel and sound, thanks to its urethane microspheres that negate the nasty “hit” sound attributed with thin clubfaces. 

2. TaylorMade

Tailormade Golf Clubs

This is another golf club brand known for its high-quality bendable golf clubs. This brand has gathered Gold ratings in multiple categories of the Golf Digest Hot List. TaylorMade machined two bendable hold clubs that fared well on the Best Hybrids, Best Fairway Woods, Best Mallet Putters, Best Drivers, and Best Players-Distance Irons lists. Another one each in Best Blade Putters, Best Super Game-Improvement Irons, Best Wedges, Best Game-Improvement Irons, and Best Players Irons. 

Specifically, Golf.com highly recommended the TaylorMade Bendable M4 irons, saying “any golfer who is looking for a forgiveness and straight distance in a good-looking package” should consider one of these bendable clubs. 

3. Titleist

Titleist golf club

Titleist golf clubs are recognized with many Gold ratings by the Hot List, including two clubs that fared well in the Best Mallet Putters, Best Players Irons, and Best Players-Distance Irons lists; and one each in Best Blade Putters, Best Drivers, Best Hybrids, Best Fairway Woods, and Best Game-Improvement Irons. 

It was noted that the bendable Titleist 718 AP2 irons target handicaps of various levels, with a predisposition towards competitive players and low-handicappers. 

4. Cleveland

Cleveland golf clubs

Cleveland golf clubs was awarded Silver and Gold in multiple categories for the Golf Digest’s Hot List 2018. These includes two of Cleveland clubs that was awarded Gold in the Best Wedge list and two more that got Silver in the Best Blade Putters. They had one each rated Gold in the Best Super Game-Improvement Irons and Best Game-Improvement Irons; and one each rated Silver in Best Mallet Putters and Best Drivers. 

Concerning Cleveland bendable RTX-3 wedge, Golf.com noted “ for a very long time, Cleveland has been one of the innovative leaders in wedge performance and design. The trend goes on with the Cleveland RTX-3. As a golfer, if an RTX-3 model does not fit perfectly into your game, you are not likely to find any other model that will fit. 

5. Mizuno

Mizuno golf clubs

Also, Mizuno golf clubs were awarded Silver and Gold in multiple categories in the Golf Digest’s Hot List 2018. The most notably three mentions for the Best Players Irons, got two Gold rating and one Silver; and also two more Gold ratings for the Best Wedges. Additionally, they made the Best Players-Distance Irons, Best Hybrids, and Best Fairway Woods with one Silver each, two Silver ratings in the Best Drivers list, one Gold in the Best Game-Improvement Irons. 

In February, Mizuno golf MP-5 Iron set were Business Insider’s top picks for the best golf clubs you can purchase. 

6. Wilson

Wilson golf clubs

Golf Digest’s Got List awarded Wilson golf clubs with Silver ratings, with one each for the Best Mallet Putters, Best Hybrids, Best Super Game-Improvement Irons, Best Players-Distance Irons,, Best Game-Improvement Irons, Best Players Irons, and Best Wedges. Wilson golf clubs also received one Gold rating for Best Super Game-Improvement Irons.  

After reviewing the Wilson Bendable Staff C300iron, Golf.com noted that the golf clubs were very tolerant of off-center shots, with fewer distance lost that most of the irons they had tested. 

7. Odyssey

Odyssey Golf clubs

Most Odyssey golf clubs were recognized by the Hot List, offering them with Gold ratings for three clubs on the Best Mallet Putters list and two more in the Best Blade Putters list. 

Concerning the Odyssey bendable White Hot RX #3 putter, Golf.com confined that the clubs we’re with time-honored design that offers a cushioned feel at dependable and impact rollout. 

8. Ping

Ping Golf Clubs

The last on our list is the Ping golf clubs. They got several recognitions for their clubs in the Golf Digest Hot list 2018. Ping golf clubs were given two Gold ratings each in Best Blade Putters, Best Mallet Putters, and Best Wedges; and one each for Best Players-Distance Irons, Best Fairway Woods, Best Players Irons, Best Drivers, and Best Hybrids. They also received on Gold and Silver in Best Game-Improvement Irons. 

Concerning the bendable Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth wedge, Golf.com said, “ the Glide’s new iteration will fit just about anyone. Innovation abound, there’s none like it’s kind on the market, thanks to its QPQ finish.” 

Bendable golf clubs are not usually appreciated for the amount of innovation and technology that go into their design and production. Bendable golf clubs are made of different materials and have multiple components. 

Components of a Bendable Golf Club

The parts of a golf club are the grip, the club head, and the shaft. These components are used to manufacture every bendable golf club 

The Grip

Initially, golf club’s grip are made of leather strips that are wrapped around the shaft. This leather outer grip is occasionally used on custom clubs and putters. Wrap-style grips enable golfers to customize diameters and textures. Nowadays, clubs sold on the golf market are designed with grips that are made of single piece of rubber which is normally slipped into the shaft. Most golfers prefer this rubber grip because it helps offer more comfortable grip also deals with moisture well. These rubber grips can be found in different kinds of textures and thicknesses, allowing the golfer to choose the right one for the purpose. 

Most golfers prefer the feel of a faux leather sleeve or an outer wrap of leather. These sleeves typically enhance the grip through the use of a synthetic base under the grip.

Club Head

Historically, club heads were made of dogwood, pear, apple, or beech. For most of golf’s history, the most used wood was persimmon. By the 1900s, forged iron clubs began to be popular. By the 1980s, the clubs were forgotten, and the metallic clubs were invented. Nowadays, club heads are made of light metals like titanium, aluminum, and steel that permit bounce off of the club face, as well as reducing the club’s total weight in order to increase the club head speed. Additionally, some drivers make use of a composite material gotten from carbon filters to design and manufacture a lightweight and durable club head that can strategically increase distance. 


Historically, shafts were made of variety of wood like Orange wood, hickory, and ash. Hickory was the preferred wood in the mid-1800s. In this century, innovations was brought into crafts construction including the development a popular golf brand called Ping, who laminated woods for additional durability. Nowadays, shafts on woods are typically made from titanium or graphite. Graphite shafts are various composites of graphite and other alloys which permit different flexes and club weights. 

However, shafts on irons are constructed from steel alloys that offers cavity designs which reduce the center of mass, making the golf club simpler to hit. 

Top 3 Materials Used For Bendable Golf Club Heads

When we are talking about the materials used for a bendable club head, golfers have different choices and options available. While the materials used for a club head might be some professional golfers’ priority, a beginner might not be interested. There are a wide range of different materials used for bendable club heads, but for now, we will be talking about three. 

1. Aluminum 

Aluminum began seeing production in the golf world during the 60s and 70s, they are much lighter than stainless steel, although these earlier versions of aluminum we’re not quite as sturdy. They have a bad reputation for denting easily and cracking, and it’s something that’s still common among today’s golf clubs. Despite all these cons, aluminum is flexible material that is can be shaped to bigger sizes to reduce tear and wear of normal play, it’s a durable option for beginner golfers that are looking for an affordable option to stainless steel. 

2. Carbon Graphite 

Carbon Graphite is a lightweight material that’s used to create wood, although there are few club heads produced using graphite mainly, it’s normally incorporated into other solid materials. Carbon graphite is one of the less dense materials normally used in the golf world, and a perfect option for displacing top shell on a club head. If features a weight saving design that make a huge difference in bulkier club heads, although it can be slightly pricey than other options.  

3. Carbon Steel

Carbon steel are normally used for producing irons, putters, and wedges, it has been the brad of clubs for more than ten decades. Experienced golfers who believe that they can perceive the variation in weight of the club when compared to something heavier like the stainless steel,  prefer golf clubs with carbon steel material. 


We’ve come to the end of this article. We hope you find it useful in your quest to know the bendable golf clubs. 

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