Clemson Rivals

Clemson Rivals (All Listed And Explained!)

The Clemson football team also known as the Clemson tigers is a team that is allocated to Clemson University. Their rivals include South Carolina, Florida State University, Georgia Tech, Georgia, NC State, Boston College, and Auburn. The Clemson tiger’s play mainly in the NCAA(National College Athletic Association) Division I Football Bowl Association. Recently, Clemson tigers … Read More

Buying A Football

Buying A Football (All You Need To Know!)

There is a huge number of choices in every sports good store when looking for a good football to buy. It is also firing sometimes because you have to try and pick out the best so you can be satisfied. Although some people don’t put much stress into it because they don’t know much about … Read More

Stanford Football Helmet Stickers

Stanford Football Helmet Stickers

Helmet stickers as commonly known around the world sometimes as reward decals. There are also pride stickers, they are all used to display on a high school or college football player’s helmet. They are used most times to show off the player or team’s achievement.  If you are a fan of football, then you must … Read More

How Many Acres Is A Football Field

How Many Acres Is A Football Field?

The standard American football field should be about 1.32 acres. The major dimensions of the field are about 360 feet long by 160 feet wide. This is also including the end areas. Also, this is about 57,600 square feet. An American football field should be up to 300 feet long, this is removing the end … Read More

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