American Football In Brazil

How Popular Is American Football In Brazil (Detailed Connotation!)

American football is thriving well in Brazil, attracting a growing number of participants and fans. Moreover, television ratings for the NFL are increasing rapidly, and the country already has two well-established semi-professional leagues.  To reduce the utilization of exported equipment from the United States, the Brazilians play American football games on the sand. Also, they … Read More

Counties Play American Football Other Than USA

What Are The Counties Play American Football Other Than USA?

Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Egypt, Poland, Israel, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Australia, China, Cuba, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, India, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, and many more are the non-American countries that play American football. According to the International Federation of American Football, there are about 80 countries that have either professional or non-professional American football leagues. … Read More

Best Football Seats

Best Football Seats (Honest Review And A Buyer’s Guide!)

As an avid football lover, you should have cushioned seating surface that will help the waist and uncomfortable stadium seating when you’re out there watching your favorite team play. The bleacher stadium seat is the ideal option for everyone in search of comfortable and well-cushioned seating in the stadium. Most of these stadium seats are … Read More

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