The Fab Five In The 90s

What College Basketball Team’s Stars Were Nicknamed “The Fab Five” In The ’90s? (Find Out Everything You Need To Know About The Fab Five!!)

No basketball lover can possibly forget the renowned Michigan college basketball team in the early 90s, popularly known as the “Fab Five” The Michigan college basketball team consists of a top 85 recruit named Ray Jackson and four other All-American recruits gotten from the 1991 recruiting class.  These four All-American recruits include; Jalen Rose, Jimmy … Read More

Diameter Of A Basketball Hoop

Diameter Of A Basketball Hoop (Check Out The Diameter Of A Modern Basketball Hoop!)

The basketball hoop used by senior high, University players, and NBA professionals has a diameter of 18-inch, with a radius of 9 inches. However, there are slight differences in the rim measurements in international competitions. According to the rules specified by the International Basketball Federation, a standard basketball hoop should have a minimum inside diameter … Read More

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