List Of 100 MPH Pitching Machines In Baseball (With Summary Of Each Machine)

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Baseball is one of the most popular sport in the world with a lot of fans from North American. But this sport is not easy to practice, unlike popular sports like soccer and basketball. It is a classic game that requires at least one other individual to practice on the field. But thanks to technological advancement, baseball pitching machines are now introduced to the sports industry. Even without a second person, you’ll be able to practice alone since the machine will serve as a pitcher and help you throw balls consistently and accurately. In this article, we are going to be looking at the list of 100 MPH pitching machines available on the market today. 

Pitching machines are generally designed and built to help hitters improve their bat speed and coordination through repetition for improved performance. These machines have unique designs and functions. There is some pitching machine capable of throwing practice balls, whiffle balls, and real baseballs. Some machines can throw a variety of pitches like fastballs, curveballs, and sliders while others are adjustable for defensive practices. Using mechanical energy, pitching machines pitch a softball, baseball, or other ball reaching as high as 100 MPH. These machines are either powered by electrical energy or string tension. For ease of use and portability, some machines come with a battery pack while others use regular AC power.

Top Four 100 MPH Baseball Pitching Machines 

We’ve provided a list of the top five baseball pit thing machine reaching as high as 100 MPH. Let’s check it out!

1. Overview Of The Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine 

This is a highly-rated machine that is designed for practice with dimpled drill balls, regulation leather balls, Wiffle balls, and every other softball as high as 100 MPH. It is designed with a distinct three-wheel design that is good for visibility of the ball through acceleration, feeding motion, and release, just like a human pitcher. You’ll be able to see the ball more clearly so that you’ll know when to stride and see the angle of release for a substantial live-arm sense of location and timing.

This three-wheel design helps to adjust wheel speed dials which change the breaking pitch plane. Don’t forget that the Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine is fully assembled at delivery for instant practice, you don’t even need any assembly or setup. It saves you time and stress. 

There’s a very wide tripod base which helps to enhance durability, stability, and maximum safety on baseball-playing surfaces or pitching mounds. The machine comes with outside/inside adjustment which elevates and lowers the pitch quickly. You can easily move this unit around because it is quite portable, yet durable enough to handle the recoil. It features extended legs which are bought differently to raise the throwing head for use with an L-screen. 

2. Overview Of The Spinball Wizard 3-Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine

Wanna do some batting drills? Try this baseball pitching machine equipped with outstanding features some of which include oversized transport wheels, smart control panel, and geared crank wheels. It features a patent-pending control system that helps you have better control of the pitch speed in accurate MPH. There’s a three-wheel design for improved ball visibility and better accuracy to deliver an outstanding performance on the field. 

If you’d like to know the direction of the ball from the panel, you can easily adjust the sound direction. Besides, the machine is capable of throwing any pitch from any angle. When it throws a ball, the ball will curve in the direction of its spin. If you want more curves on the ball, then it must throw the ball with a faster spin. This unit is capable of throwing any pitch at any speed from 40 to 100mph. You can control the vertical and horizontal aim with the geared knobs. In terms of durability, the machine’s sturdy frame protects it. 

3. Overview Of The Spinball Wizard 2-Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine 

This is a two-wheel baseball pitching machine designed and built to throw more pitches with top-notch accuracy and consistency. It is a very easy-to-use machine with almost equal wheels and motors with the Rawlings machines. Wanna do some batting alone without a second person? Then this unit is a perfect choice for you. One thing you need to know is that this machine will strive to quickly rotate around to distribute fly balls and grounders to the entire field. For an affordable price, you’ll get incredible speeds and the full functionality of this incredible equipment. It is cost-effective and worth every penny. 

If you’d like to know the direction of the ball from the panel, you can easily adjust the sound direction. Besides, the machine is capable of throwing any pitch from any angle. When it throws a ball, the ball will curve in the direction of its spin. If you want more curves on the ball, then it must throw the ball with a faster spin. With a speed range from 40 to 100mph, it will throw any pitch from any angle without hassle. If you want to duplicate any pitch, all you have to do is adjust the wheel speeds and the angle of the machine.  

4. Overview Of The BATA-2 Combo Pitching Machine 

Lastly, the BATA-2 Combo Pitching Machine is another well-designed baseball equipment that helps beginners and professionals master outstanding skills in the game. It is robust enough to throw any type of pitch with a maximum speed of 100mph. Wanna throw some fly balls and grounders? This incredible machine with Soft-Tread pitching wheels is mostly suitable for you. 


We’ve organized some of the frequently asked questions and provided answers for a better understanding of the pitching machine. Let’s roll! 

Are Pitching Machines Useful?

Baseball pitching machines, just like every other machine, have their pros and cons. The drawback of using a pitching machine is that it might not be used for practicing timing and other skills. But just as you know, these machines help improve your hit accuracy most especially for beginners. 

Why Are Baseball Pitching Machines Difficult To Use?

It is important to know that baseball pitching machines can never act like a real human with prerelease action. Some pitching machines have indicators that show you when the ball is about to be released. But that’s not the case with all models of pitching machines. So, using this unit might be a little complicated especially if you’re a beginner in the sport. 

Why Do You Need A Baseball Pitching Machine?

A baseball pitching machine is an important piece of equipment for you or any baseball team. It helps you practice baseball on your own. Baseball practices are quite easier and much enjoyable when a second person is helping you to throw the ball. If you’re just starting out with the sport and want to improve your swings, then you might find it difficult to practice your accuracy. That’s where a baseball pitching machine comes in. All you have to do is put it in your front and turn it on and that’s all. 

Secondly, a baseball pitching machine offers consistent, stress-free throws during practice and drills. Baseball practice is quite exhausting and tiring, most especially if you’re keen on throwing consistent pitches as a beginner. Fortunately, the baseball pitching machine helps you get consistent, sweat-free throws with equivalent trajectories. There’s no room for human error, making it a great way to learn and master the sport. 

What Kind Of Tires Does The Pitching Machine Use?

Normally, pitching machines use two basic types of types including solid tires and pneumatic tires. In terms of durability and stability, there are disparities between these two major types of pitching machine types. Also, there are huge discrepancies between these tires in terms of their transportation and maintenance.  

Final Words

Baseball is a classic sport, but its practice isn’t really friendly with beginners, unlike other sports. Fortunately, the baseball pitching machines are designed and built to make life more easier for beginners and even professional players. These machines help improve your bat speed and coordination for better performance. We’ve come to the final session of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the list of 100mph baseball pitching machines. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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