How Many Tennis Balls Fit In A Limo (Unbelievable Facts!)

Tennis Balls Fit in a Limo

About 125,000 tennis balls should fit into a limo. In this article,we’ll be explaining in details the number of tennis ball that will fit into a limousine. Note: All of our measurements are very askew because they are not precise measurements.  What To Be Considered Before Calculations Before anything, the first thing we need to … Read more

Tennis G.O.A.T

Tennis G.O.A.T

Roger Federer has achieved the grandest slam victories of all time. Also, he has achieved the most ATP tournament wins of all time. Most people recognize Federer as the greatest tennis player to ever live. He is a tennis G.O.A.T. As there is Lionel Messi in the world of soccer, there is also Roger Federer … Read more

Why Do Walkers Have Tennis Balls

Walkers Have Tennis Balls

Walkers have tennis balls on their rear legs to reduce friction and make moving easier. This simple DIY modification helps prevent scuffing and provides a smoother glide, reducing the risk of accidents. Walk around long enough, and odds are you will find that an individual using tennis balls around the base of their walker.  It … Read more

Cost To Restring A Tennis Racket

Cost to Restring a Tennis Racket

So, just how much does this cost to string a tennis racquet?  The average overall price to string a racquet is between $20-40.  This includes two major variables: the price of buying strings as well as the price of work.  The normal price of tennis strings is $10-20 and the normal price of work is … Read more