Why do American football players wear so much protective clothing

Why do American Football Players Wear So Much Protective Clothing and Rugby Players don’t? (Find Out Now!)

In simple terms, NFL players wear protective clothing while Rugby players don’t because the rules of engagement is different in both sports. The violent nature of the NFL requires an improved safety standard for players which makes helmets, padding, and other protective equipment worn by players are important to prevent serious injuries. In Rugby on … Read More

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Why do Italian Football Fans Have so Much Hate For SSC Napoli

Why do Italian Football Fans Have so Much Hate For SSC Napoli Even Though it’s a Small Club? (Explained!)

In principle, the perceived hate for SSC Napoli as a football club in Italy is largely due to the political divide between the northern and southern regions of the country. The club is adorned by the southerners and has been hugely successful for several decades, consistently staying competitive with the top teams in the Italian … Read More

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Do NFL Players Get New Helmets for Each Game

Do NFL Players Get New Helmets for Each Game? (Find Out!)

No! The NFL proposed a one helmet rule per season as a measure to enhance the safety of players. The rule has been in full effect for several years and must be strictly adhered to as it is vital for comfortability and ultimate reduction of concussions and head injuries that have been a major concern … Read More

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What is an NFL playbook

How Many Different Plays Does an NFL Playbook Have? (Explained!)

Typically, an NFL playbook contains an average of 300 plays that may not be used during the games. Different variations of plays in an NFL playbook are highly dependent on the coach and team’s decision regarding their game plan. Certain teams possess a large number of various plays while some teams are heavily reliant on … Read More

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Official NFL Football

What Nickname Is Stamped On Every Official NFL Football?

The Nickname on every NFL official football is the nickname of Wellington Mara who was the former president of the New York Giants. The nickname is “The Duke”. The nickname is a historic one and there is a story to it, a very interesting story too.  Wilson, the official brand that designs the football has … Read More

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Illegal Double Team Block Mean In NFL

What Does Illegal Double Team Block Mean In NFL

 As a spectator in a football game, you’ll sometimes see the referee call a penalty on kickoffs to help improve the safety of the players in the game. This happens as a result of an illegal double-team block in the NFL. Don’t forget that there were law modifications regarding kick returns which brought about changes … Read More

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New York Football Teams Of NFL

New York Football Teams Of NFL

Three NFL teams are known to be from New York, although not all three of them play in the New York state. The Buffalo Bills are known to be in New York with the biggest stadium in the state. The New York Jets and New York Giants are from the New York metropolitan area.  In … Read More

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