What Hurts More – Paintball Or Airsoft? (Detailed Explanation!) 

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In general, paintball hurts more than airsoft if you’re hit directly in the skin with a ball or when there’s not enough padding on your clothes to protect you.

While most people enjoy paintball and airsoft for the thrill and fun associated with these games, others are drawn to them for the chance to get out stress as well! It’s not just about who wins or loses but is also about how your body feels when you win or lose. We thought it might be beneficial for players to know about ways one can experience less pain in response to being hit during games.

It’s important to use the right type of equipment while playing airsoft. Paintball is generally one of the most popular choices, and therefore there is a lot of information on it if you care to research further. But let me tell you that paintball won’t hurt as much as airsoft if only because the impact isn’t as powerful due to an underpowered gun. However, that doesn’t make it fun either way!

Reasons Why Paintball Hurts More

Reasons Why Paintball Hurts More

There is no question that both airsoft and paintball guns shoot pellets. But when it comes down to how hard or soft the balls that come from them may appear to be, you will find out that there is approximately a 3x difference in actual mass between paintballs and airsoft pellets. Airsoft BBs (ball-bearings) clock in at almost 6 grams in weight while paintballs weigh an astounding 32 grams.

There are hardly any similarities between airsoft and paintballs aside from the fact that they both use a ball to inflict pain. That being said, their energies differ significantly. Paintballs, because of their weight and size, hold potential energy that is an average of 12.5 joules or 0.44 of a foot-pound . Airsoft shells, on the other hand, are hollow in comparison and can only hold about 0.8 joules (or 75 percent less) than paintballs. So overall, one can conclude that when a paintball is fired it releases at least 40 times more force than an airsoft shell does to its target. One of the biggest differences between these two products is the quantity or “spread” of the pain inflicted by each projectile type – which has been confirmed by those who have been directly affected by either product type during various skirmishes over the years!

Factors That Influence Pain Felt By The Hit

Factors That Influence Pain Felt By The Hit

Besides the reasons mentioned above, and despite the myths surrounding it, there are some other factors that might make someone feel less or more severe dental pain. The following are only a few:

Distance Between The Two Players

When it comes to paintball and airsoft guns, one of the most common facts worthy of note is that the farther away you are from your target, the less intense the pain will be when you get shot. So always keep in mind that if you can stay out of range, your physical body will be much more resistant to these projectiles!

If pain is like a salt, it is not about how much of it you have but about how concentrated it is. This explains why one feels twice as worse being shot at from 40 feet away than from 80 feet. If you are under attack in your own home and the intruder is only 40 feet away, this would mean the levels of the pain-inducing salts will be higher than if he was 80 feet away; therefore, be sure to maintain a distance from your opponents for a sense pain less when you get hurt!

The Direction Of The Wind’s Flow

Secondly, how hard the wind is blowing can have a bearing on the result of your game. If you are playing outdoors (particularly at night) then atmospheric conditions may be more turbulent than if you were indoors. While you might still be able to play when it’s windier outside all other things being equal, dodging a harder-than-anticipated gust of wind can be tough for people who are not used to or not skilled at moving around quickly as part of a game of airsoft. The greater the wind, the more effect that it will have upon your path and shot.

When you’re throwing a football, try to throw it into the wind if the ball is lighter than air. If you’re shooting an airsoft gun and the winds are flowing in the same direction as the side on which you have fired your shot, shoot slightly in front of your target for a more substantial hit that’s cushioned by the force of the impact from the trailing gusts.

However, if the wind flow is against the gun shooter, the speed of the projectile won’t be affected with much force. Considering this principle, shooting into a lighter target will cause more damage than shooting at a heavy one. So before you attack your enemy with any guns or other projectiles, keep in mind to use lighter bullets and rifles, and try avoiding hitting hard surfaces so you won’t hurt yourself inadvertently!

FPS Of The Gun

Determining what airsoft gun will be the best for you comes down to the type that can deliver the greatest force and inflict pain at a faster rate. If a person runs into another while they are running, they will be hurt more than if they crashed into someone while they were walking because of how fast they are moving. Similarly, an airsoft gun with higher kinetic energy rating can cause more damage in a shorter period of time, so choosing one based on this metric is crucial to knowing what type would yield better results on the field of battle!

Which Body Parts Hurt More When Hit?

Depending on the nature of your business, you might notice that some extremities are more important than others in terms of protecting them. The most sensitive areas which you should tend to protect include:


Because our eyes are so delicate, they’re arguably the most sensitive body part we have. If something should happen to get in the eye – like a slimy bug or if a single grain of sand finds its way into those beautiful peepers – it’s common to feel irritated and uncomfortable. Like that time you couldn’t get mascara off before a big night out! With such high stakes involved, it’s no wonder eye injuries keep certain extreme sports lovers from living their best lives (and coming out of retirement). So be sure to wear your goggles when playing these high-impact games for protection!


Another thing that gets hit can be the knuckles on your hands. Since they don’t have a lot of meat to cushion them between objects hitting them, they get hit quite quickly and forcefully. However, there are products made specifically for protecting people from getting hit in this area and it’s called gloves. So to save yourself some embarrassment, it’s best to invest in a good pair of gloves as your knuckles are much more vulnerable than other parts of you.

Groin Region

As athletes are out on the field or court, it is wise for them to wear multiple layers of clothing to protect themselves against potentially hazardous falls. However, a person may not want to be overly protective just because there is a bare possibility that something might go wrong. For example, groin injuries can cause extraordinary amounts of pain and discomfort even in younger males which may very well hinder that player from continuing the game.

Neck and Back of the Head

The neck is a vulnerable area. Apparently, it is something crucial as it covers our spine and because of that much attackers make it the first target to hit whenever they plan to assault someone. Fortunately, you can prevent your attacker from hurting you in this way by simply wearing a helmet along with a heavy collar. By doing so, you will protect these two sensitive regions from getting struck by your assailant.


The lips are easy to get injured. First, they are really soft and sensitive to touch. Second, there are many nerve-endings here so even if you don’t hurt yourself outside the lip, it is still very possible that you’ll have pain inside the lip or some other weird sensation when this area is damaged. It’s also possible to get hit on the lip with a paintball or airsoft and notice immediate reddening and bruising of the tissue as well as puffiness to your lips which can last for quite a long time so protect your face with gear that wraps all the way around from chin up including around your lips.

Final Words

We’ve come to the end of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good resources in your quest to know what hurts more between paintball and airsoft. If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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