How Can I Watch Recorded Soccer Games? (Listed & Explained!)

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You can use streaming services like ESPN+, YouTube, or soccer-specific platforms like to watch recorded soccer games. Many matches are available for on-demand viewing, offering a convenient way to catch up on games.

Ways to Watch Recorded Soccer Games

Way to Watch Recorded Soccer Games


ESPN+  is the   #1   cheapest way to stay up-to-date on what’s happening in pro and amateur sports. Accessing this information is all about making informed decisions, so our mission is to connect you with high-quality content that is both informative and engaging. With ESPN+, you can follow the biggest leagues in soccer compete like the Bundesliga, La Liga, UEFA Nations League, EFL Championship, League One, and League Two. Watch FA Cup and League Cup action as well as Euro 2020 qualifiers. If you’re looking for more sports news coverage, choose from a wide variety of other options including MLS out-of-market games and an MLS original show.

ESPN+ has been a real game-changer for soccer fans here in the US. Not only do they stream live games from a myriad of national and international leagues, but they also air classic competitions like the FIFA World Cup. All of this is available for just $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, making it one of the best deals in sports entertainment!


Paramount+ is the latest streaming platform from CBS. It gives you access to tons of programming including original series, movies, and live streams of regular TV stations like ESPN. Importantly it not only broadcasts Premier League games live but also brings most of the biggest European soccer matches (including La Liga, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League) to US audiences for the first time ever. If there’s one weakness though it would be that Paramount+ charges its customers via a subscription model as opposed to offering single pay-per-view fees for premier league games, however this could change in the future. To help you see how Paramount+ stacks up against two other major platforms (ESPN+ and Sky Sports) we have included a comparison table further down this page – as well as a bunch of handy videos explaining what each service offers when it comes to accessing live soccer from Europe’s top leagues.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV stands out from the other streaming services out there because it has been designed with sports watchers and news junkies in mind as it includes ESPN channels as well as FOX Sports and NBC Sports, so you and your family can stream all of your favorite sporting events.


One of the most popular soccer streaming services for everyone, not just residents in the US, available anywhere in the world, is Fanatiz. They offer a free trial on their online platform with any regularity plan and it’s location / stream permutation specific. Not only do you get access to live matches from top leagues but you also will receive plenty of extra information about every single game as well as special offers if you’re a registered member including scoring highlights and exclusive footage of some kind in relation to each event – sounds like a pretty good deal doesn’t it?

Peacock TV

Peacock Premium is a paid streaming service from NBC Universal that features more than 20,000 hours of content including live sports, movies, original programs and reruns of classic TV shows from NBC. Peacock Premium offers a few different subscription options for soccer fans. The first option (that’s also available for free thanks to affiliates of the network) is Peacock Premier League Soccer, which costs $45 each season or subscribers can pay $29.95 per month in year one and then $39.95 per month after that. The second option is called Peacock Premier League Soccer Plus and includes access to hear audio feeds in English or Spanish along with additional live games through the EPL Game Mix channel. This option costs those mentioned previously (per season or monthly payments depending on how you choose to subscribe) as well as an additional $25 per month or users can pay $179.00 at one time for all their fees instead of paying every 30 days throughout the year.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV comes with some good and bad news. YouTube TV is more than likely not everyone’s cup of tea. And this has nothing to do with the service itself, but rather where it can direct you. BeIN Sports isn’t accessible on YouTubeTV, which makes sense considering it’s a streaming service. This means that there are limited accessibility options when it comes to watching popular sporting events like the NBA Playoffs or NFL games – which could be a deal breaker for some fans around the country. Now, don’t get me wrong, $65/month doesn’t sound like much if you subscribe online to cable television services but I’ll bet your bill will go up after paying that amount for such services long term. Not only does YouTube TV come with its own fair share of setbacks and “what-ifs?”, but the parent company of the service itself is one of that reasons why customers might not want to spend too much time without weighing their options carefully about whether or not this service is right for them.

Paid vs. Free Soccer Streaming Services: Which is Better

1. Quality of Streaming

When considering the quality of streaming, Paid services usually provide the highest definition (HD) content without any interruptions. The better the quality, the more enjoyable the match.

On the other hand, Free services, although varying in quality, are generally not as high-quality due to lower funding, and viewers might experience buffering during peak times.

2. Service Consistency

With Paid services, users can expect consistent, reliable streaming. There’s practically no risk of missing a moment of action due to a sudden outage.

However, for Free services, consistency can be an issue. There’s inherent unreliability because of the dependence on advertisements or other unstable forms of revenue.

3. Range of Matches

Paid services offer a wide array of matches, including worldwide soccer events, local games, and exclusive matches. The matches are also available on replay if needed.

Contrarily, Free services might not provide all matches, particularly the exclusive ones or those that fall under certain copyright rules.

4. User Interface and Ease of Use

Paid services typically offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface, catering to all age groups. They also include features such as match highlights, player stats, and analytical commentary.

Free services might not be as user-friendly or feature-packed due to budget constraints.

5. Advertisements

One of the biggest drawbacks of Free services is that they come with many advertisements. These could interrupt the viewing experience considerably.

Paid services, conversely, are largely ad-free, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience.

6. Security

A crucial advantage of Paid services is their guarantee of viewer data security. They comply with laws and regulations to protect users.

On the flip side, Free services are less likely to offer such assurance, with potential risks including exposure to harmful viruses and malware.

Points of ComparisonPaid Streaming ServicesFree Streaming Services
Quality of StreamingHighUsually Lower
Service ConsistencyMore consistentLess consistent
Range of MatchesWide array of matchesLimited matches
UI and Ease of UseIntuitive interface, more featuresLess user-friendly, fewer features
AdvertisementsMinimal or noneMore frequent and intrusive
SecurityData secureLess secure


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