Is Bowling A Sport? (Find Out Now!)

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Bowling may be a target sport and recreational activity within which a player rolls a ball toward pins (in pin bowling) or another target (in target bowling). Bowling is played in line with rules, and it is played for enjoyment or employment, but it requires almost no physical effort. Many of us compare the exercise of bowling to the established sport of golf, but truly, golf is noticeably more physical. The sole motions required to be proficient in bowling are walking some paces and rolling a ball but 20 meters down a slick surface. Almost anyone can lie with. 

 In golf, however, a player must be able to hit a ball nearly 180 meters to be considered any good. This needs an enormously forceful swing that not everyone can accomplish–and that’s the key difference between the 2 activities. This is to not say that there’s no skill to be observed in bowling: there’s a niche between good and bad bowlers. However, the talents utilized in bowling are overwhelmingly mental, very like the sport of chess, which is decidedly not a sport. 

Knowing where to throw the ball and the way many spins to used is more important than how hard you throw the ball, which is why players nearly always roll strikes in professional games: They know exactly where to throw the ball. Knowing where to place the ball, however, isn’t a physical skill. Since bowling’s skill set is overwhelmingly mental, instead of physical, it should be considered a fun activity for all ages but not a sport. 

Why Bowling May Be A Sport 

Why Bowling May Be A Sport 

Most purists consider a sport a competitive activity that involves physical exercise and skill of some sort. While the “physical exertion and skill” obviously covers varying levels, detain mind that throughout an expert bowling tournament, participants will roll as many as 40 games over three days. These athletes must throw a 15 or 16-pound ball down a 60-foot alley in a shot to hit a target but two inches wide called the “pocket” (the area between the headpin and 3-pin for right-handers, or the 2-pin for lefties). To have the stamina to bowl several games and be ready to repeat shots, one must be in good physical shape. Many, if not most, pros do weight training or a minimum of stick with an exercise regimen to create arm and wrist strength to assist them to throw those big, sweeping hook balls that demolish the pins. 

Is Bowling Similar To The Other Sport? 

Is Bowling Similar To The Other Sport

Bowling, on a surface level, seems fairly accessible: Grab some buddies, beer, and a pair of clown shoes and head right down to the alley. But that’s where the Professional Bowlers Association tricks you. Its design is accessible, but once you’re in, you’re in. Underneath the surface, the sport––yes, it’s a sport––is ruthless, competitive, and challenging to the best degree. Bowling is probably going the oiliest sport out there, but that slick quality makes it all the harder for one to succeed. Every bowling lane is coated in oil to shield it from catching fire. 

Most recreational bowling uses “house” coating, which helps funnel the ball toward the center of the lane for greater shot success. Professional bowling uses a “sport” pattern, a more even distribution of oil across the surface that enables for tiny margin of error, which makes every shot a particular calculation. However, elite bowlers are always elite athletes with impressive leg strength, flexibility, balance, and control. 

Their adaptability makes each shot—unique because of the changing oil surface—a different challenge that bowlers are well-equipped to handle. The physical and mental difficulty of hurling bowling balls at around 20 miles per hour regularly for 10 frames isn’t to be understated. The mix of mental and physical makes bowling kind of like other sports, like hockey or basketball, whose legitimacy as a sport isn’t questioned. 


We’ve compiled a listing of commonly asked questions and answers about Bowling being a sport. 

Is Bowling A Sport Yes Or No? 

Yes, bowling could be a sport! You’ll find out why bowling is such a lot quite just a leisure activity. From the highest league bowlers to the simplest professional bowlers within the game, the physical and mental demands of ten-pin bowling and every one sport bowling events go far beyond stereotype. 

Is Bowling Even A Sport? 

Bowling is the best participation sport within the world, with 53 million Americans heading out the lanes a minimum of once a year, with an outsized portion of that number going once every week or more as a member of 1 of thousands of USBC-sanctioned bowling leagues. 

Is Bowls A Sport Or A Game? 

Bowls, or lawn bowls, maybe a sport during which the target is to roll biased balls, so they stop near a smaller ball called a “jack” or “kitty”. It’s played on a bowling green, which can be flat (for “flat-green bowls”) or convex or uneven (for “crown green bowls”). 

What Is Bowling Considered A Competitive Game? 

Bowling could be a game that may be played as a contest at extremely high levels and is taken into account to be a legitimate sport, although it’s been too quickly perceived only as a game or a recreation. 

Is Bowling A Sport For Everyone? 

Bowling could be a fun, challenging sport that everybody can participate in! Bowling doesn’t require advanced athleticism, like football or basketball, so children who might not succeed at those sports often excel bowling. And bowling could be a sport they will enjoy for a lifetime. 


Bowling is simply like several other sports. Bowling is usually defined similarly by everyone. Differences can be available in on the assorted sorts of bowling, or their versions. Variations in pin bowling include candle pins, duckpins, five pins, nine pins, and ten pins. Target bowling is another kind, which consists of many styles, including bowling, carpet bowls, etc.

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