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There are some short volleyball players, and the shortest to ever play the game professionally was Farhad Zarif, who measures just 165cm or 5 foot 5 inches. In the female category, the shortest to ever play the game professionally was Jorella Marie de Jesus, an international player from the Philippines, measures just 152cm or 5 foot. 

The heights of the two players are way below the global average for height, which proves that truly volleyball players can be short. Honestly, when you take a look at most professional volleyball teams, you’d notice why many people used to consider it to be a tall person sport. Even if being tall can be very advantageous in the sport, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can not become a successful player if you’re not really tall. Most people would argue that only tall volleyball players are successful in the sport but that’s not completely true. We have seen some successful volleyball players that are not really tall, especially in the position of liberos. So, if you’re not too tall, you still have chances of playing as the libero. In this blog post, we are going to talk about some short volleyball players, the average height of volleyball players, libero’s in men’s volleyball,  outside hitter in men’s volleyball, and some other relevant questions. 

Libero’s In Men’s Volleyball

In the game of volleyball, liberos are generally the shortest players in any volleyball team, mainly because their heights are not needed. The average height of the Libero in men’s professional volleyball is 182.23cm or 5 Foot 11.7 Inches. 

Outside Hitter In Men’s Volleyball

This is a very diverse and fluid position in volleyball which comes in all shapes and sizes. You are expected to be a reliable hitter as well as a good defender in you won’t to play in this position. 

The table below contains relevant questions and answers on short volleyball players. 

The Benefit Of Height When Playing VolleyballVolleyball is a tall individual game that rewards height. Short volleyball players won’t ever be at their height amount when playing close to the net as the taller counterparts. 
Height Requirement Of Being A Volleyball PlayerAs long as you have some basic skills of volleyball and you’re around five feet 5 inches, you are still all set.
Requirements Of Being A SetterTo be a great setter calls for you to have a decision that is good making superb ball control as well as skills. In case you are truly enthusiastic about turning into an excellent volleyball player, the height of yours should not dissuade you. 

Who Is The Shortest Player? 

Farhad Zarif! Just like we mentioned above, he’s the shortest player, measuring only 165cm. 

What Is A Good Height For A Volleyball Player? 

Generally, in professional volleyball, women’s heights normally fall between 1.70 m (5 ft 7 in) and 1.95 m (6 ft 5 in), while for women, it ranges between 1.85 m (6 ft 1 in) to 2.10 m (6 ft 10 12 in). 

Why Is There A Short Player In Volleyball? 

Volleyball is a tall person sport that rewards height. Short volleyball players will never be at their height level when playing near the net as their taller counterparts. Unless a player is tall enough, the angle just don’t work up there for short players who couldn’t get their hand above the net. The libero’s position gives a chance to short players to succeed. 

Can I Play Volleyball If I’m Short? 

As long as you have some basic volleyball skills to hit, pass, serve, and block the ball, you’ll do just fine. So, If you’re around 5 feet five inches, you’re still good to go. Most of the best player around are not really tall, so you don’t need to be discouraged if you’re not too tall. 

Why Are Liberos Short?

Liberos are normally short because they majorly play from the back row and they need to be close to the ground to defend the ball from hit the side of their court. Also, they are short because they need to be quick so as to be able to pick up correct spot to receive serves and play defense. Most liberos are very short, measuring an average of just 5” 1. 

Can I Be A Setter If I’m Short? 

Being a good setter requires you to have good decision making skills and excellent ball control. If you’re really passionate about becoming a good volleyball player, your height should never discourage you, even if most people lay more emphasis on height in volleyball. 

Can A Libero Spike?

Any player can be replaced by the libero in a back row position in both male and female category.  However, the liberos are not allowed to block or attempt to block but they may serve. If the ball is entirely higher than the top of the net at the moment of contact, the libero will not be permitted to spike the ball. 

Can You Have 2 Liberos In Volleyball?

Coaches are given the opportunity to choose one, two, or no liberos per set in USAV volleyball for 2016. However, if the coach decides to choose two liberos, then they must be the two liberos for the entire game. 

Final Words – Wrapping It Up! 

The shortest player to every play the game of volleyball was Farhad Zarif, who measures just 165cm or maybe five feet five inches. The shortest player in the women category was Jorella Marie de Jesus, a worldwide professional from the Philippines, which measures merely 152cm or maybe five feet. We’ve come to the end of this informative article. We hope you were able to find resources in your quest to know the short volleyball players. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments. Thanks! 

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