Sports That Starts With Letter A (With Detailed of Each Game!)

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Some of the sports that start with the letter “A” include American Football, American Handball, Archery, Archery 3D, Arena Football, Angling, Aquathlon, Aquabike, Arm Wrestling, Arena Rugby, Artistic Billiard, Artistic Cycling, Association Football (soccer), Artistic Gymnastics, Auto Racing, Acroski, Abseiling, Axe Throwing, Autograss, Acrobatic Gymnastics, Autospeedway, and many more. 

List Of Sports That Start With Letter “A”

Just like we said earlier, we’ve made a list of the sports that start with the letter “A” among the numerous sports in the world. 

American Football

American Football

American football is a very popular team sport in the United States and other American countries. It is a game played on a rectangular field with a goalpost at the two ends. The objective of the game is to score more goals/points than your opposition team, by advancing an oval ball down the field into the end zone by running or passing it. In other parts of the world, most outside the United States, the sport is known as Gridiron. However, the citizens of America love to call it just football. Lastly, American football has some variations including Arena Football and 6-Man Football. 

Australian Football

Australian football is a renowned sport among the people of Australia. It is a fast-paced football game played on a large oval field between two teams with 8 players each. passing the ball on either side of the two-tall goal post earns a team only a point. However, any team that kicks the ball between two tall goalposts will be scored with 6 points. By the way, the alternative names are Aussie Rules, Australian Rules Football, Australian Football, and AFL. 

Association Football

Association football is best known as soccer or football in most of the world. Soccer remains the most popular sport in today’s world with billions of fans across the planet. The game of football is played between two teams each with eleven players. Besides, the type of ball used is spherical. Also, the objective of the game is to score more goals than your opponents by using any part of the body except the arms and hands to get the ball into their goal. By the way, soccer is played on a rectangular field with a goalpost at each end. 

American Handball 

American handball is a classic sport where players use their hands to hit a small rubber ball against a wall. Besides, the three versions of this lovely game can be played by either two, three, or four players, and they include one-wall handball, three-wall handball, and four-wall handball. One can compare American handball with squash with no rackets. However, you shouldn’t compare it with the Olympic sport of handball, which is a team game. 


Angling is known to be the principal method of sport fishing. People normally use angling to refer to fishing. 


This is a combination of cycling sports and water sports. It’s just like a variation of a Triathlon without a running leg. It is after the cycling event that the participants of the aquabike swim. 

Aqua jogging 

In aqua jogging, participants maintain an upright position while jogging in water. It’s more like a water-running competition. 

Aquathlon (1) 

It is otherwise known as underwater wrestling, where two participants with masks and fins wrestle underwater. The objective of the game is to remove a ribbon from your opponent’s ankle band.

Aquathlon (2) 

This sport is not in any way the same as Aquathlon (1). In Aquathlon (2), participants compete in a continuous race involving swimming followed by running. It’s almost similar to Biathle, but it’s usually over a shorter distance. 



Archery is a competitive sport that involves participants shooting arrows at a target for accuracy from distances. Clout Archery, 3D archery, Crossbow Archery, Field Archery, Ski Archery, Flight Archery, and Target Archery are the major variations of competitive archery. 

Archery 3D 

This sport is quite similar to archery but the only difference is that the targets are in the shape of animals at unknown distances. 

Arena Football 

This sport is quite similar to American Football (Gridiron), but the only difference is that arena football is played indoors on a smaller field resulting in a faster and higher-scoring game.

Arena Polo 

It is a smaller variation of the polo game where participants ride on horseback on a very small field that’s enclosed by walls on all sides.

Artistic Gymnastics 

In this sport, participants perform short routines on a variety of sports equipment like Balance Beam (women), Vault, Pommel Horse, High Bar (men), Floor (men and women), Uneven Bars, Rings, and Parallel Bars. 


Athletics is like an umbrella sport which is commonly referred to as Track and Field, but also includes Racewalking, Cross Country Running, and Road Running.

Auto Race 

Auto Race is a motorcycle speedway game that is common among the Japanese. This game is more like a gambling sport that is held on tarmac tracks. 

Auto Racing

This is a competitive sport that involves participants racing with automobiles. It is also known as Motor Racing, Automobile Racing, or Car Racing. Rally Cars, Vintage Racing, Drag Racing, Formula 1, Touring Car, and Stock Car Racing are variations of auto racing. 



Sport Aikido is also referred to as Shodokan Aikido, and it’s a competitive form of the martial art Aikido. 

Closing Thoughts 

Those are some of the popular sports that start with the letter “A”. There are more, but we chose the ones on our list because they are more popular. We’ve reached the final chapter of this informative article. We hope you were able to find good and reliable resources in your quest to know the sports that start with the letter “A”. If you have any questions or comments about the article topic, don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks!


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