What Are The Sports More Appropriate For Men? (Listed & Explained!)

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The most appropriate sports for men are the ones that require much contact among players. Men are also more into sports that seem more dangerous. 

Aside from our body structure and all that, there is something imprinted in our minds that makes us men, something that you could say is what distinguishes us from women. No one can pinpoint exactly what it is but it is there lying in the center of our minds, making us know just how strong and we are. We could blame it on anything, maybe the natural survival instincts that we all have. Men enjoy the hard stuff, the sports that make you work day and night, sports that get you dirty, and the sports that pay more of course. Well, all of this talk is just to put us on track on the kind of sports that men are really interested in. Some of these sports are only interested in some regions of this world, the major thing is that the men in those regions are very much interested in it. 

1. Sumo Wrestling

Sumo Wrestling

Although this isn’t a sport that is popular everywhere around the world, it is viewed as a man’s sport. It is very popular in some parts of Africa and mainly in Japan. This sport is not just played by men, it is played by heavyweight men. Every player has to weigh a certain amount of pounds because it involves a lot of physical force and one player has to be down or taken out of the designated circle for him to lose. Imagine a small-bodied man playing this game, he would be crushed before he knows what is going on. A woman playing it would be bizarre. 

2. Golf

Golf is not like every other sport, it doesn’t involve any of the hardship or dirt of other sports, but it is what we call a real man’s game. It is a game for gentlemen. Going to the golf course and seeing a woman with the golf club trying to hit the ball is an image that would amaze anyone. This isn’t because of any gender inequality but women are not patient for a sport like this. Also, men play golf because it is a time to chill with their friends, have a couple of drinks, and talk about business. Men just do this to get away from the house sometimes. Gold is a man’s game, no one can say otherwise. 

3. Soccer


Soccer is also an appropriate man sport, it is not that brutal because it has rules, and also nowadays, soccer leagues now include the women league too. Women can play any sport that a man can, but some sport is just men’s sport. First of all, every player on a soccer field has to run back and forth for at least 30 to 40 minutes in every game. Women can be fit enough to run like that but then there is the issue of the period and other things too. Also, imagine hitting a free-kick and it goes straight to hit the lady on the pitch. I am talking about hard shots like the ones Ronaldo takes. This is a game that everyone can play, but to be very honest, the whole stress doesn’t suit everyone. 

4. Motocross

Car racing, not everyone enjoys even watching car racing, sometimes it is too brutal for some people, for most men we get excited when we see our favorite car racer hit another car racer down and his car tumbles. This is a man sport because it takes a lot of gut to drive a car at 180mph and still try to hit your opponent away from your track. This is a crazy man’s game, we must admit because they go nuts on the tracks. The bad side of this game is that they don’t even make enough like other sports, they don’t have enough protection, they could die on the tracks or get terribly injured anytime. This doesn’t even make them stars, most of them walk around and no one knows them. This is a man game because not everyone would manage to not hesitate when they see someone get hurt. 

5. Rugby

A sport with many casualties, the game is so wild that, unlike football where they have to take the ball from you, players here just attack you so that you could get away from the ball. It is very rough on a Rugby field because everyone is getting hit by numerous opponents while trying to get the ball across. People dive into you like stray bullets, you are unable to even hold the ball for too long because when they get you on the ground, your team members and the opponents are all on top of you fighting for the ball. You would have to be a very strong man to withstand something like this. 

6. Hockey

Hockey players should be the strongest players at heart, every team member is willing to dive in front of a hockey puck coming in like a bullet just so that their opponent doesn’t score. You have to be The Rambo to do something like this. These people lose their teeth, get injured, and all kinds of physical damage, but they still play the game. They have no respect whatsoever for their body, they just want to make sure they don’t lose a match even if they lose a tooth or two. Someone who backs out from things and loves their body a lot would never opt to play hockey. 

7. Boxing

Boxing is another real men’s game because not even every man would agree to be a boxer. These people go through serious hospitalization after every match. Most times they have brain damage, broken ribs, fractured jaws, and all of that, they still come in for the next fight. As long as you are playing someone as good as you are, if you win or not, you are getting medical care for weeks. 


These sports are only appropriate for men, this doesn’t mean that women can never play. They are just better off when played by men.

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