Who Has The Simplest Golf Swing? (Find Out Now!)

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Moe Norman, a Canadian professional golfer, is widely regarded as having the simplest golf swing. In a 2011 study by Golf Digest, Norman’s swing was found to be the most efficient of any golfer on the PGA Tour. The study measured the amount of energy required to generate clubhead speed, and Norman’s swing was found to be the most efficient.

Who Has The Simplest Golf Swing?

Moe Norman is widely regarded as having the simplest golf swing. His swing was characterized by a single-plane motion, which made it very repeatable and consistent. Norman’s swing also had very few moving parts, which made it easier to learn and maintain.

Norman’s swing was so simple that he was able to play with a variety of different clubs, including a pitching wedge, for all of his shots. He was also able to hit the ball with incredible accuracy and distance. In fact, Norman held the record for the longest drive on the PGA Tour for many years.

Norman’s swing was so efficient that he was able to generate a lot of power with very little effort. He was also able to hit the ball with great accuracy, even under pressure. Norman’s swing was a great example of how a simple swing can be very effective.

Here are some of the key characteristics of Norman’s swing:

  • Single-plane motion: Norman’s swing was made up of a single, fluid motion. This made his swing very repeatable and consistent.
  • Few moving parts: Norman’s swing had very few moving parts, which made it easier to learn and maintain.
  • Relaxed grip: Norman had a very relaxed grip on the club, which helped him to generate power and accuracy.
  • Quiet head: Norman kept his head very still throughout the swing, which helped him to maintain his balance and focus.
  • Smooth tempo: Norman had a very smooth and rhythmic tempo to his swing. This helped him to generate power and consistency.

Norman’s swing was so effective that he was able to win 13 professional tournaments, including the Canadian Open twice. He was also a member of the Canadian Ryder Cup team in 1976. Norman was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2001.

What is the Easiest Golf Swing?

What is the Easiest Golf Swing

The easiest golf swing is one that you can enact time and time again without the tension of the outcomes of individual distrust in your method.  Here are golf swings we reckon to function for a lot of golf players and  also generate an easy-to-understand technique arising in a simple golf swing:

  • Shawn Clement Technique
  • The Mike Malaska Technique
  • The Mike Bender Technique
  • Shawn Clement Technique

This conception-based, pre-set-up stance, voluntary tossing movement-based swing is stimulating, very susceptible to comprehension and it banks on our human anatomy and mind that can yield remarkable outcomes. 

The unrestricted emanating essence of this swing that does not concentrate on stances is easily outstanding.

What makes the swing really easy?

What makes the swing really easy

The posture-less approach to the swing. It is a core for a normal following swing where you pleasantly swing along your soles line. 

You will have to set up narrowly closed for a pull of small clear for a fade.  Then the golf player completely manipulates gravity to seize the golf club back and thru.  The outcomes will definitely impress you.

You can lead the way to the golfing course with enthusiasm that your general proficiency and gravity will surely dominate and you direct to more viscosity. You will set up appropriately and authorize the raw progression of the golfing swing to showcase!

Mike Malaska Technique

Mike Malaska Technique

The velocity-directed golf swing can bring about some tremendous outcomes.  Almost the same with the “Shawn Clement swing”, the golfing swing banks on a powerful movement of seizing the golfing club back and through and also enabling your hands and arms to respond more naturally.  

This technique was introduced by Mike Malaska (who played some amazing golf as a junior player) as he lunged further into tasks, he got hooked in the tangle of attempting to whack specific still image stances that were published in several golf magazines. 

He hustled this stance straight before impact which turned out to prompt him to play golf in a “static” posture for several years.  

On some particular days he would time it rightly right and on different days, he wouldn’t and would really strive incredibly.

What makes the swing easy?

I really admire the Mike Malaska method because it is easy and simple to comprehend.  It depends on governing the golfing club rear through your hands. 

As a former university baseball player, I can feel the golfing club head reclining in my right hand and utilizing my right hand to regulate the golf shot.  For several years I always heard the golf instruction “Take your hands out of the swing”. 

This is horrible counsel and instead, golf players should make use of both hands not only for better restraint but also for an incensement and boost in velocity and length!

Mike Bender Technique

Have you ever felt like you could swing the golfing club faster if you started taking advantage of your hands and arms by blazing away at the golf ball? Are you bored of earshot about shifting your hips or shoulders in specific paths?

If you stumble into these levels, Mike Bender’s technique will be actually stimulating for you.  The Mike Bender method prompts your hands and your arms in the golf club swing.  Why? It is because each one or every one of us has an enormous deal of momentum concealed inside these paths. 

Sadly, lots of golf teachings have concentrated on shifting your hips in a way, or changing your shoulder positions like this while the fact is that the body will respond to what the arms and hands perform and assist this movement.

What makes the swing easy?

This golfing swing enables the golf players to halt swinging tentatively.  In my opinion with the Mike Bender method, I realized that the hands and arms can fire and let the body respond. 

The greatest swinging mistake is bringing your body out in front of your hands and then casting golf at the club which will result in a hook.  Nonetheless, turning to the Mike Bender method, you must solely inform your hands to get to the collision stance you desire and the condensation of the golf ball is remarkable along with the proficiency to regulate the starting line!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which arm is dominant in golf swinging?

A large percentage of golf players grossly overexpose the right arm in the golfing swing. After all, a lot of golf players and lovers are actually right-handed and also right-sided. 

Why Is The Golf Swing So Hard?

The main justification why the sport of golf” can be tough to understand is that it is barely taught appropriately. It is commonly taught from the juncture of the belief that people generally want to be the best golf players so they are taught excellent golfing grips, golfing posture, and alignments and also demonstrated to them how to swing the golfing club appropriately 


Even expert golf players will never tell you that a golf swing is easy. So amateur golf players on a pilgrimage to be the best appreciated admire the sport as frequently as possible and share their enthusiasm, affection, and knowledge with others. Though I am not a professional I enjoyed learning about the “golfing swing!!!”.



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