Why Would a Mexican Professional Golfer Call Himself “El Turco”?

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Mexican golfer Abraham Ancer is nicknamed “El Turco” because his buddies called him “Little Arab” growing up, and in Mexico, and some parts of South America, they call Arabs Turks. The nickname stuck, and now he reps it in his yardage book.

Why Would a Mexican Professional Golfer Call Himself “El Turco”?

1. Embracing Ancestry:
The nickname “El Turco” literally translates to “The Turk”. It could be possible that the golfer has Turkish ancestry or heritage. Adopting such a nickname allows the golfer to embrace and express this element of his personal history.

2. Unique Persona:
In the same way that many sports personalities adopt a “stage name”, a Mexican golfer could choose “El Turco” to develop his own unique persona. This can help him stand out from his peers and capture the public’s attention.

3. Commemorative Tribute:
Calling himself “El Turco” might be a tribute to someone special from the golfer’s past. This could be a coach, mentor, or personal hero who has deeply influenced his career or life journey.

4. Signifying Strength and Resilience:
Historically, Turks are known for their strength and resilience. If the golfer identifies with these qualities, he might choose “El Turco” as a representative nickname.

5. Creating Intrigue:
A unique name always creates an aura of intrigue and curiosity. By choosing to be called “El Turco”, the golfer could be aiming to pique the interest of fans, media, and fellow players.

6. Linking to Personal Attributes or Characteristics:
If the golfer has certain facial features or characteristics typically associated with people of Turkish descent, he could choose “El Turco” as an acknowledgment or playful embrace of these physical traits.

7. Cultural Significance:
The nickname might have some cultural or local significance. In some cultures, adopting a nickname is a rite of passage or symbolic gesture. “El Turco” might carry some such significance for the golfer.

8. Humor or Light-heartedness:
Many professional sports players adopt fun or quirky nicknames. “El Turco” might be chosen for its humor or light-hearted connotations, helping to show the golfer’s lighter, more sociable side.

Summary Table

Embracing AncestryEmbracing and expressing personal history
Unique PersonaDeveloping a unique persona to stand out
Commemorative TributePaying tribute to a significant person
Signifying Strength and ResilienceIdentifying with strong historical figures
Creating IntriguePiquing interest of fans and media
Linking to Personal AttributesAcknowledging or embracing physical traits
Cultural SignificanceEmbracing a locally significant name
Humor or Light-heartednessShowing a lighter, sociable side

What does Turco mean?

What does Turco mean

Turk is an ethnic Italian name, Turco Italian, or nicknamed from the same word in the sense of a non-Christian, following the ferocious, cruel, medieval ethnic stereotype, or short-tempered person.

Who was El Turco in real life?

Who was El Turco in real life

El Turco (unknown to 1541). El Turco (or The Turk), so called by Spaniards because he was a captive of Indians at Cicúique, his appearance, an Indian town near the site of contemporary Pecos, New Mexico. He was delivered in 1540 to Capt. Hernando de Alvarado, an officer of Francisco Vamázquaz de Coronado.

Why is Abraham Ancer called the Turk?

“So my last name comes from Syria. But the length and breadth of the story, Ancer – they often called me ‘Little Arab’ while growing up in Mexico. In some parts of South America, to Arabs in Mexico, they often call them Turk and the name just stuck to me” Ancer recounts.

Need-to-know about Abraham Ancer

Abraham Ancer has been making scenes and a lot of noise on the PGA Tour, which has led into the final round at the Quicken Loans National but questions have continued to pop up about “Who is this budding Mexican golf star?” Below are some facts about him.

Abraham Ancer is looking for that first PGA Tour victory

In an interview with Boston Globe, Ancer said, “I’ve always had a dream where I won the PGA Tour event”. “I’ve been playing golf since I can really remember, probably since I was either three or four years old. A PGA tour win would mean a lot to me and to Mexico, too, because Mexico hasn’t had a player to win it since. I don’t know, 40 years or something years ago. It would be very special.”

Abraham Ancer has found his way onto the PGA Tour in 2016 but he has had a difficult time, making six cuts in the 19 starts. On the money list he finished 197th. He has fared better on the website web.com tour in 2017 and he has earned his way to the big Tours.

Golf experts rate Abe Ancer as a rising star in the golf world.

He’s just 5-foot-7

Abe Ancer is on the list of the shorter PGA Tour players, he is listed just 5-foot-7. He’s living proof that not all modern golf players should have to be Koepka-sized to succeed. His height places him somewhere just below Rory McIlroy (who is 5-9) and in the league of short, successful players like Brian Harman and David Lingmerth (both of whom are listed 5-7). Ancer doesn’t hit the golf ball averagely far (an approximately 295.9 average driving distance, 101st on Golf Tour) but that hits a fairly high percentage of fairways.

He went to the University of Oklahoma

Ancer attended Odessa Junior College in Texas, he played three years for the Oklahoma Sooners and left quite a legacy for anyone else to supersede. He finished second in OU history in career scoring average in relation to par at 72.42 (which is +0.93), just behind Anthony Kim (71.73; +0.22). He concluded his career with two wins and Desert Shootout his sophomore year, shot a nine-under 63, tied for the low 18-hole round in school history.

He’s Miura’s first-ever “PGA Tour Brand Ambassador”

For Miura, this is a great deal, Miura has been in the business of making finely crafted forged iron for countless years (report has it that they also made a club for Tiger Woods) but Miura never sought out any formal relationship with Tour players not until now. In a memo release, Miura described Ancer as “just the perfect partner to grow and take Miura’s presence immensely on and off the course,” citing their desire to extend their market share and reach Mexico.

Frequently Asked Questions

What nationality is ancer?

Ancer has dual citizenship in America and Mexico. But currently, he claims to be American without downplaying his ties with Mexico.

Has a Mexican ever won the PGA Tour?

Yes, a handful of golfers has won the PGA Tour, these include just three players; Regalado, Cesar Sanudo and Carlos Ortiz.

What other things does Abraham Ancer into?

Away from the golf course, Ancer co-founded Azul, a company that is dedicated to producing ultra-premium tequila. Ancer founded the company with Aron Marquez and the manufacturing plant in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico.

Is Ancer a great Golfer?

Yes, Abraham Ancer is a great Golfer. His presence in the PGA Tour is a testament to that. He has won quite a handful of golf competitions in America. His biggest dream at the moment is to win the PGA Tour not just for himself but for the Mexican community.


Ancer grew up in Reynosa, Mexico but was born in South Texas.  result in his dual citizenship. Club Campestre de Reynosa was where he learned how to play golf. His father was the reason he was infatuated with the game but he died in 2014. He has worked hard from when he started to the PGA Tour level. He has defeated obstacles such as height and dual citizenship to win a few championships with an ultimate dream of winning the PGA Tour for Mexico.

He is also a golfer with an entrepreneurial mindset. Abraham Ancer co-founded a  Tequila business that is thriving and has branches scattered all around the world.



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