Why isn’t Bo Jackson in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? (Analyzed!)

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As an explosive and dynamic player during his playing days, an unfortunate hip injury ended his career prematurely which ultimately demerit him an induction into the hall of fame. Blessed with power, explosion, agility, and amazing speed, his involvement in two different sports simultaneously proved disastrous as the horrific injury he sustained denied him the opportunity to amass enough games to be in the hall of fame.

As short as his career was across the two sports he played, Bo Jackson would have easily been inducted into the pro hall of fame as recognition of his contributions to the baseball and NFL games at the highest level. His great achievements in two sporting games enhance his reputation as one of the greatest athletes in the worlds of sport and holds the record as the only professional athlete to be named in an all-star team in the history of NFL and baseball. Bo Jackson was equally talented in the two sports he played but he is more passionate about baseball where he featured in eight seasons with 3 different teams in major league baseball.

In this article, we will be having a detailed look into the reasons why Bo Jackson’s enormous talent and massive impact weren’t enough to earn him a place in the hall of fame in both sports, he played during his relatively short career. 

How great was Bo Jackson during his playing career?

How great was Bo Jackson during his playing career

Fondly called the ‘Boar hog’ during his career in NFL, Jackson was an explosive player with a combination of power and speed seen in football history. The talented player played in four NFL seasons and was fondly remembered for his amazing performances in the running back role. Despite his prowess and exploits in football, Jackson simultaneously engages in baseball out of his passion for the game. His career was far from impressive in the major league baseball with a  series of below-par defensive performances, averaging a meager 19 steals per 162 games for a player of his quality and speed. In physicality and strength, Bo Jackson was unmatched and his performances were a thrill to watch. However, it was always going to be a tough task to engage in two different sports and be great in them. His explosive came to an abrupt end as a result of a horrific hip injury he suffered during an NFL game in 1991. He had the making to become one of the all-time greats but as fate would arrange, his talents failed to materialize.

How did Bo Jackson start his career in sports?

Born on the 30th of November 1962 in Alabama, Bo Jackson was renowned for performances on three different sports at McAdory high school which he attended. In 1982, He was awarded a scholarship into Auburn University where he played baseball and football. He received several honors including the Heisman trophy – the highest honor in college football. As a reward for his exploits in college football, Bo Jackson was drafted into the Major league baseball and NFL to play for the Kansas city royals and Los Angeles raiders respectively. He made the NFL pro bowl selection in 1990 and was name the Most Valuable Player in an MLB all star game in 1989, making him one of the few athletes to be named in all star team in the history of football and baseball.

Why is Bo Jackson not inducted in the hall of fame?

Why is Bo Jackson not inducted in the hall of fame

In simple terms, Bo Jacksons failure to have his name in the hall of fame is largely due to his relatively short career. To be eligible for nomination into the pro hall of fame, two major requirements must be met. The first criteria is to play a minimum of 5 seasons while the second requirement is to be selected in either the all pro team or the pro bowl. Bo Jackson met one of the requirements as he was pro bowler in 1990. However, he was privileged to play only 4 season due a career ending injury he suffered during an NFL game. Induction into the pro hall of fame is for players who enjoyed a sustained success over a long career span. Unluckily however, Bo Jackson’s success lasted for just two full seasons which isn’t sufficient to merit an induction into the hall of fame.

How many sports did Bo Jackson played?

As a unique trait rarely seen in sports today, Bo Jackson actively participated at the highest level as a professional in two sports. His explosive speed and great vision behind the line of scrimmage made a stand out performer in the NFL games he managed to play during his short career. Bo Jackson’s passion and drive for baseball made him delve into it simultaneously with football but his was nothing to write home about due to focus which was only natural for a player trying to be great in two different sport at the same time. However, he still managed to play in the MLB for 8 seasons, but he was more recognized for his exploits in the few NFL game he managed to play in his career that was blighted by a terrible hip injury.


Below is a compiled list of frequently asked questions why Bo Jackson is not inducted into the pro hall of fame. Let’s have a look at them!

Was Bo Jackson inducted in the hall of fame?

For clarity, Bo Jackson was not inducted in the pro hall of fame due to his short career that was ended in an unceremoniously manner by a serious hip injury. However, he was inducted into the college football hall of fame in 1996 as recognition for his exploits in college football games.

What ended Bo Jackson’s career?

Bo Jackson’s career came to an early end due to a serious hip injury, he s, sustained during an NFL game in 1991.

Which teams did Bo Jackson play for during his career days?

Bo Jackson actively participated in two different sports as a professional, precisely baseball and NFL. He featured for Kansas city royals, California angles, and Chicago white sox in the MLB while he played the NFL for the Los Angeles raiders.

How many NFL games did Bo Jackson play?

In his relatively short career, Bo Jackson managed to play just 38 games in the NFL, slightly above two full seasons.

Final word

Bo Jackson was a talented player in the two sports he played as a professional during his career days. However, he was not inducted into the hall simply because of his relatively short career that was abruptly ended by a career-ending hip injury. He’s worthy of a place in the hall of fame and had it been he managed to stay fit and play actively for several years, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

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