Merion Golf Club Initiation Fee (Check Out The Staggering Amount Charged For Initiation!)

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According to Philly Mag, Marion golf club charges its nonmembers $70,000 for initiation fees, then charges members around $6,000 for membership fees. In the entire United States, it’s not shocking that Merion Golf Club is voted #3 among all other clubhouses. However, the annual food minimum should cost around $600.

After the clubhouse was founded in 1896, and located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, it is known around the United States that the Marion Golf Club is one of the most popular courses today. Merion’s golf course has successfully hosted more USPGA tournaments and events than any other clubhouse in the entire country. Also, if you’re talking about the very first golf club to entertain women, then Merion golf club should be the first to be mentioned. The clubhouse owns one of the best women’s amateur teams in the country.

Marion Golf Club offers unparalleled community and traditional golf courses having been popularly know as a championship golf course.

How Much Does A Merion Golf Club Initiation Fee cost?

According to the Golf Digest, Marion golf club charges the nonmembers of its $70,000 for a one-time initiation fee, subsequently charges members about $6,000 for membership fees.

To become a member of the Merion golf club, you need to be recommended by an existing member which then be seconded by another full member. A member of the membership committee must also interview you.

The Table Below Consists Of The Top Golf Clubs In The World And Their Initiation Fees.

Golf ClubsInitiation And Membership FeeLocation
Fancourt£40,000Western Cape, South Africa.
Trump National£123,000Los Angeles, USA.
Bear’s Club£129,163Florida, USA.
Wentworth Golf Club£180,000Surrey, England



Merion Golf Club And Membership Overview

The Merion Golf Club is located in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. The clubhouse boasts of two great courses including the West Course and the East Course. Each course has a course rating of 72.9 and boasts of more than 6,400 yards. Big golf tournaments like the US Open has been hosted by the East course about five times as it continues to remain on the list of the top PGA Tour courses.

You will be given full access to all the parts of the club as a member of the Merion Golf Club. This includes pro shops, driving range, and restaurants. You will also have the chance to partake in different member deluxe events.

Few Things To Know About The Clubhouse

If you’re planning to enjoy the game of golf in the Merion Golf Club, you need to follow some certain strict guidelines since the clubhouse is committed to tradition. For example, once you’re in the clubhouse or dinner terraces, you must remove your visors, caps, or even hats. Also, you must tuck in your shirts at all time in the club. Men and women are allowed to wear Bermuda shorts. Men and women are permitted to wear ones at knee length only, not exceeding three inches above the knee. Marion is a walking golf course. So, your shoes must be changed in the locker room. Also, your cell phones are only allowed to be used in your vehicle.

Four Popular Golf Clubs With Their Initiation And Membership Fees

1.Wentworth Golf Club – Located In The Township Of Surrey, England. (Charges Its Members £180,000)

It’s not news that Wentworth is among the greatest golf clubhouses on the planet as it boasts of 3 championship courses. BMW PGA plus the European Tour events are hosted by Wentworth golf club, making use of it as its headquarters. Last year, Dr. Chanchai Ruayrungruang, a Chinese male, and now has the clubhouse after purchasing it for £135m and made it very clear that people right now should spend a £100,000 debenture share to enable them to retain their playing rights. Additionally, he enhanced the yearly subscription to £16,000.

2. Trump National – Located In Los Angeles, United States Of America. (Charges Its Members £123,000)

You need to be assured of quality but additionally, cost whenever you notice the word “trump”. From only 30 minutes to downtown Los Angeles, this golf course provides the greatest amenities to each of its people. We loved that this particular clubhouse is made on jagged cliffs that provide spectacular views. Trump National should provide the very best golfers top-quality program and also enable high handicappers to experience the video games of theirs. This clubhouse has 5 templates, a reservoir, plus 2 driving ranges, not surprising that folks think it over as the very best golf course within the nation. Trump National prides itself on its superb service since it is accompanied by world-class dining.

3. Fancourt – Located In Western Cape, South Africa. (Charges Its Members £40,000)

The Fancourt has 3 standard courses which are among the top twenty in the country. It’s ordinarily called South Africa’s premier golf resort. Gary Player, a South African golf legend created the clubhouse. It features 2 club shops along with a state of the art academy. An amusing thing about this particular clubhouse is you have to get home on its home to obtain a program or even likely have a six-week timeshare among the modest homes, and that is the most affordable method to be initiated and obtain a membership, which cost around £40,000.

4. Bear’s Club – Located In Florida, U.S.A. (Charges Its Members £129,163)

Jack and Barbara Nicklaus created the clubhouse with the thought of providing a top-class golf course with the best standards of quality to almost all its people. The clubhouse has cottages, estate homes, rentals around the golf course providing the people with an exquisite and safe surrounding to go back to after participating in a world-class program.


The bottom line is that Merion Golf Club is quite expensive and it’s solely meant for rich people. Marion golf club charges its nonmembers a staggering $70,000 for initiation fees. Also, its members are required to pay around $6,000 for membership fees. We’ve come to the closing session of this informative article. We hope you were able to find resources in your quest to know the Merion golf initiation fee. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments. Thanks!

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