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6:30 pm EST is the starting time for the Super bowl. It has been 6:30 pm EST for a very long time now although it has been changed a couple of times. For one, in 2010, it started on another time before it shifted drastically and ended up where it is today. It was scheduled at 6:25 which was five minutes before the normal time. 2009 it was scheduled for 6 pm, the year before that was 6:17, and before that, 6:18. So the super bowl has been able to move around the six o’clock period a lot before settling at 6:30 pm. 

The Super Bowl is a yearly championship game of the NFL(National Football League). For a very long time, it has been known to be the last game of the NFL season. It has been like this since 1966, it has completely replaced the NFL championship games. Since the year 2004, the game has been played on a Sunday, this Sunday is known as super bowl Sunday. Every first Sunday in February. The winning team is given Vince Lombardi Trophy, the trophy was named after the magnificent coach that was able to win the first two super bowls. The Super bowl is sometimes disguised as the big game. 

About The Super Bowl 

About The Super Bowl 

The game was generated at first in 1966 in line with a merger agreement between the NFL and the AFL(American Football League) to have the best teams of both leagues compete for one championship title, hence the big game. Before it was named the super bowl, it was called AFL -NFL world championship game. The Super bowl name came into play during the third championship season Super Bowl III. Before the merger between NFL and AFL, four super bowls had been played. After the whole merger, 10 AFL teams, and 3 NFL teams made up the AFC while the remaining 13 teams of the NFL made up the NFC. AFC is the American Football Conference while the NFC is the National Football Conference. Since the fifth super bowl, every game has been played between teams from both conferences, and so far the NFC has been in the lead. 

The super bowl is one of the world’s most viewed single sporting occasions and most times it has the highest audience coming to watch it. No American broadcast every year beats that of the super bowl. The only sporting event that has more crowds than the super bowl is the UEFA Champions League final because that is the most-watched yearly sporting events in the world. The seven most-watched broadcasts ever on American TV are the super bowls. For example, super bowl XLIX was the most-watched American television program in 2015 because it had a viewership range of about 114 million. This happened to be the fifth time in six years whereby the game had set a record. 

Super Bowl Dates

Since 2004, the super bowl has been held during the first Sunday in February. The game is scheduled this way because of the schedule the NFL which makes up the opening weekend of the season is held just after Labor Day. Then the 18 weeks season where every team has to play 17 games, afterward the first three rounds of the playoffs, and the super bowl is just two weeks after the conference championship games. The conference championship games are the third part of the playoffs. The next week after this is known as the week when the pro bowl is played. Just right after that, the super bowl is played. This exact schedule has been set up like this since the Super bowl xxxviii was held in February 2004. The date of the super bowl can always be determined from labor day. It is scheduled for exactly five months after labor day. And labor day dates changes every year. 

Before this 2004 schedule, the game normally took place during the early or the middle stage of January. Back then there was only one playoff round. Firstly the games during the seasons were increased from 14 to 16 in 1978, the playoffs were increased in 1967. Later on, they made every seasonal game to be scheduled for one game per week. All of this has made the super bowl enter into February. Although the super bowl was pushed, the season was also widened, before the 1978 establishment, the game would start very late in September, and end in January or December. Now it starts very early in September. Labor day has now been scheduled to always fall on the first week of September, the league can no longer go far into September before it starts. It cannot be too early in September and cannot be too late too. It falls on either the 7th or at most the 13th

Are Fans Still Allowed In The Super Bowl?

This question is asked based on the global pandemic that struck the world. People are not allowed to be gathered in one spot for something like this. But yes the super bowl still allows fans till now as the pandemic has reduced to a minimum. Although the fans are fewer than they used to be. Maybe the next super bowl would require them to adhere to the coronavirus safety protocols and keep in mind that people are at risk when they gather like this. The super bowl could take thousands of people but that has to be reduced for now. 

How Do You Get Access To Watch The Super Bowl?

The game is shown on different TV stations if you can’t afford to watch it physically. The normal time is 6:30 pm, CBS is well known to always broadcast the game. 


The super bowl is always a thing of joy for most Americans because this is a game they enjoy so much. It is also to our greatest surprise that this is also one of their greatest days for food right after Thanksgiving day. They celebrate this day in every way possible. So on one Sunday in February, by 6:30 pm EST, the big game would come to make them all smile. 

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