Missouri NFL Teams Overview (All You Need To Know!)

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Missouri has one NFL team, the Kansas City Chiefs. Founded in 1960, the Chiefs have won multiple Super Bowls, with star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Their home is Arrowhead Stadium, one of the loudest venues in the NFL.

Kansas City Chiefs 

This is currently the only tram in Missouri and is among several teams that have played as an NFL team from Missouri. The Kansas City Chiefs are a well-known team full of professional players, they are professionals too. They are mostly from Kansas City Missouri. They compete among their colleagues as members of the American Football Conference. The west division of this conference is their base. 

The team Kansas City Chiefs was first created in 1960, it was the Dallas Texans back then. It was created by a businessman named Lamar Hunt, the Chiefs as they are called now used to be a charter member of the American Football League. Later on in 1963, just three years later, the team moved to Kansas City, and then they got the name that they have now Kansas City Chiefs. The merger that was created in 1970 gave them no choice but to become an NFL team. After the merger and after they became an NFL team, the team was worth 2 billion dollars. 

Mr. Clark Hunt the son of the late Lamar Hunt has been the Chairman and CEO of the team, he has so much experience in this field because his father has made him practice a lot while growing up. He is currently in charge of the team alongside his mother and other siblings. It has been like this since Lamar Hunt passed. This was 2006. Although the business has become one owned by the family, Clark is in charge when it comes to most of the affairs concerning the team. 


So far the Chiefs have been able to win three AFL championships. They did this in 1962, 1966, and 1969. They are also currently the second AFL team in history to win an NFL team in a championship game. They did this after the New York Jets had done it. ( The AFL-NFL world championships game). The game was against the Minnesota Vikings which was played in Super Bowl IV. Although the game was played in 1970 on January 11, the last season and last game before the merger was fully effective or came into play. 

They are also known to be the second team ever to make it to more than one Super Bowl, the Green Bay Packers did it first. Although they are not considered second place because they were the first AFL team to do it. 

St Louis Cardinals 

Moving over to former NFL teams of Missouri state. St Louis Cardinals is a team you must mention when talking about American Football teams in Missouri State. St Louis Cardinals was a professional football team that played in St Louis, Missouri for 27 years, from 1960 to 1987. They are currently known as the Arizona Cardinals because they moved out of St Louis to Arizona in 1988. They currently reside or play games at their new home in Glendale, Arizona. 

St Louis Rams 

St Louis Rams the former Missouri NFL team that moved over to Los Angeles, California. They have gotten a few names based on their move, they are currently known as the Los Angeles Rams. They were based in Missouri for a while, mostly from 1995 to 2015 which equals 20 years. They moved back to Los Angeles which is where they used to be. They played there for almost five decades, lasting from 1946 to 1994. They have been a professional team and have always played as one. They are still a professional team not in Missouri state anymore. 

Kansas City Blues 

The American professional team used to be called Kansas City Blues or Kansas City Cowboys when they played in Missouri State. They were created with the name Kansas City Blues in 1924. They changed their name and identity and started referring to themselves as the Kansas City Cowboys in 1925 and 1926. Although this was a very different and unique team, they traveled a lot. They were called a travel team because all their matches were played in other stadiums and so this warranted them to travel a lot. Before they were scrambled, their coach was Leroy Andrews. 

St Louis All-Stars

St Louis All-stars, this is another one of Missouri state teams. They were active for only one season. They were founded in 1923 by Ollie Kraehe who also managed, coached, and played on the team. They played their games at St Missouri Sportsmanship Park back then. The idea of this team came to the head of its creator while was playing as a substitute player. An offensive lineman. He used to play for the Rock Island Independents. He thought that if teams in towns like Green Bay and Rock Island could survive as professional teams then a team in St Louis would be a huge success. Guess he couldn’t keep up. 

St Louis Gunners

The St Louis Gunners were a professional football team, they were independent and were based in St Louis, Missouri. They once replaced the Cincinnati Reds when their membership was suspended during the 1934 season championships. They were able to play well because they won one game and lost 2. The team is nowhere to be found now though. 


Missouri State has hosted quite a number of football teams, some have been taken out and some relocated. Mainly Kansas City and St Louis have hosted teams in this state.




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