What Does A On Hockey Jersey Mean? (Find Out Now!)

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The letter “A” on a hockey jersey stands for the alternate captain. Alternate captains are assistant leaders on the team and assist the team captain in various on-ice responsibilities, such as communicating with the referees, providing leadership in the locker room, and often serving as a liaison between the players and coaching staff.

What does the A mean on a Hockey Jersey?

The “A” on a hockey jersey signifies that a player is an Alternate Captain. Here’s a detailed explanation:

  1. Alternate Captain (Alternate Captain): In hockey, teams typically have a captain and one or two alternate captains, denoted by the letter “A” on their jerseys. These players assist the captain in various leadership roles on and off the ice.
  2. Leadership Role: Alternate captains often serve as a bridge between the players and the team captain, helping to communicate the captain’s messages and decisions to the rest of the team. They play a crucial role in maintaining team morale, discipline, and motivation.
  3. On-Ice Duties: During games, alternate captains can have specific responsibilities. They are authorized to discuss rule interpretations with the game officials, including the referees. They can also address concerns about calls or penalties on behalf of the team.
  4. Off-Ice Influence: The leadership of alternate captains extends beyond the rink. They may represent the team at various events, charity functions, and media engagements. They help create a positive team culture and maintain unity within the locker room.
  5. Chosen by the Team: The selection of alternate captains is usually a decision made by the team’s coaching staff and management in consultation with the players. These choices are based on a player’s leadership qualities, experience, and respect among their teammates.
  6. Changeable Designation: The designation of alternate captain can change from season to season or even during a season. It’s not a permanent role, and teams may rotate or reassign alternate captains based on performance and circumstances.
  7. Valuable Leadership: Alternate captains play a crucial role in fostering team cohesion, communicating with officials, and being a visible presence both on and off the ice. Their leadership is integral to a team’s success and unity.

Can Hockey Goalies Carry the A?

Yes, in the NHL and many other hockey leagues, goaltenders (goalies) can also serve as alternate captains, wearing the letter “A” on their jerseys. Here are the details regarding goalies serving as alternate captains:

  1. Rare But Allowed: It’s relatively rare for goalies to be designated as alternate captains, but it is allowed by the NHL and other governing bodies. The decision is typically made by the team’s coaching staff, management, and players.
  2. Leadership Qualities: Goalies chosen as alternate captains are typically recognized for their exceptional leadership qualities, experience, and the respect they command within the team. They may exhibit strong communication skills, strategic insight, and a calming presence on the ice.
  3. On-Ice Responsibilities: While goalies don’t have the same on-ice responsibilities as skaters, they can still communicate with game officials, particularly the referees. This can be valuable in discussing rule interpretations, clarifying decisions, or expressing concerns on behalf of the team.
  4. Off-Ice Influence: Goalies who are alternate captains also play a role in fostering a positive team culture, maintaining locker room unity, and representing the team at events and in the community. They may participate in leadership meetings and help set the tone for the team.
  5. Team Decision: The choice to make a goalie an alternate captain is a team decision, and it may vary from season to season or even within a season. Teams assess their leadership needs and the qualities of individual players to make this designation.
  6. Symbolic Significance: Wearing the “A” as a goalie is a symbol of the player’s importance to the team, both as a leader and a player. It’s a testament to their contribution to the team’s overall success.

Hockey Captain Situation

As a hockey fan who has seen how some other sports are organized, you must have noticed that hockey is a very unique game. They do most things differently. They didn’t leave any of their traditions or gameplays untouched, everything is unique about the game. The way they choose their team captain and the alternate captain is also different from how other sports handle it. According to the rules of the National Hockey League, every team playing in this league is only entitled to one captain. The team captain would be the only player on the field putting on the jersey with A inscribed on it. The design is placed on the jersey at the upper part of the arm on the left side. 

Every team is allowed to also have two alternative captains on the field. If they do not have any captains on the field, the team is allowed to produce three alternate captains as they come to play. Some people mistake the A for an assistant. Although this is what it implies, the term still remains alternate. The alternate captains on the team have their As in the same area where the captains have their Cs. Some jerseys don’t have this kind of space on the left side so sometimes you might see the A on the upper right of the hand. 

Hockey Jersey

Hockey Jersey

The hockey jersey is like every other jersey in other sports. It is a piece of clothing that is worn over the upper body part of the player. In the early days when hockey had just started, they called this jersey a sweater. Although back then, the game was played during the winter and outside too. They made it as a wool kit that was knitted properly to help provide heat to the player’s body. 

Jersey Design

The hockey jerseys that were mostly called sweaters back then when the game was first originated are made from polyester which is a very strong synthetic material. This Jersey is designed mainly to help the body moisture get dried up. It helps make the player wearing it feel warm so the cold doesn’t cause him discomfort while he plays. 

The Jersey of most teams is in accordance with the color of the team. The color is also the same as that of the socks of the players. The player’s name which is next to the logo is mainly the design that determines the color of the player’s jersey in the team. The number on the player’s jersey is always below the number 99 and is above 0. 


What Does The A And C On The Hockey Jersey Mean?

As you all must have noticed the A and C on the hockey players’ Jersey. Not all of them wear these letters on their jersey, some players wear C while others wear A. The C on the jersey implies that the player wearing this jersey is the team captain either for the season or for that match. The A in the jersey means Alternate captain. The alternate captain can be changed as frequently as possible. Most times teams change alternate captains more than they change captains. 

In Hockey Stats What Does The A Mean?

The A in the hockey stats board stands for assists. The assists in a game imply the number of goals that the player helped to contribute to in that season or sometimes in that month. Some other things on the stats board are things like P for points, also, they have the letter A that implies shots taken. PN is also there, it stands for penalties. 

What Does F Stand For In Hockey?

The F stands for Forward. In ice hockey, the forward is the position of a player whose main job is only to score or at least contribute to the goal. The forwarder tries his best to meet up in three different lanes. He tries his best to run from his goal to the goal of the next man. 

What Does DIFF Mean In Hockey?

This word in hockey implies the goal differential. According to the NHL table, they have a way of putting the whole thing together and ranking the teams in a table for the season. First, GF stands for Goals For, GA is Goals Allowed, Diff means Goal Differential. All of these things are placed in front of every team as this is what they use to rank it. 


The hockey Jersey worn by every hockey player does a lot to identify the player. 



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