Different Color Jersey In Volleyball (Check Out Why The Libero Wear Different Jersey Color In Volleyball!)

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The player in volleyball who wears a different color jersey is called the libero. They are a defensive specialist who is only allowed to play in the back row of the court. The libero wears a different color jersey so that the referees can easily identify them and enforce the rules of the position.

Why Does One Player Wear a Different Color in Volleyball?

In volleyball, one player on each team wears a different colored jersey, often referred to as the “libero.” Here are the reasons behind this unique rule:

  1. Defensive Specialist: The libero is a specialized defensive player. They excel in digging, passing, and receiving serves, and their primary role is to enhance a team’s defensive capabilities.
  2. Jersey Distinction: The distinct-colored jersey helps identify the libero on the court. The libero’s jersey is usually a contrasting color to those of their teammates and opponents, making them easily recognizable.
  3. Back-Row Player: The libero only plays in the back row and is not allowed to attack the ball from above the net, which distinguishes them from the front-row players. This rule ensures fairness and helps avoid confusion during play.
  4. Unlimited Substitutions: The libero position allows for a unique substitution rule. The libero can substitute for any back-row player without prior notification to the referee. This provides teams with more flexibility in making defensive substitutions.
  5. Rotational Freedom: When the libero is not in the game, they don’t count as a rotation position. This allows coaches to optimize rotations for their offensive and defensive strategies without restrictions imposed by the libero’s presence.
  6. Specialized Role: The libero’s specialization in defense and passing means that they can often make more accurate and controlled plays in these aspects, contributing to a team’s overall success in rallies.
  7. Rules and Restrictions: Liberos are subject to specific rules, such as not being allowed to serve, block, or attack from an elevated position. These restrictions ensure that they maintain their primary role as a defensive specialist.

Libero Definition

A libero is largely a defender. Even though liberos are permitted under the guidelines to mark points, the restrictions put on this particular player stop them from being overly offensive. Typically they’re positioned in the rear to roam the backline and seek out possible points from extensive shots hit with the web. Liberos have to get fast reflexes such as a goalie in soccer and also powerful dig abilities and the capacity to scoop up a ball that could usually be considered the effort on the various other teams.

Libero Rules

A libero is not allowed to make moves into the front half of the court to make blocks or attack shots on the other team because he or she is only meant to be utilized as a backcourt defender. However, liberos are allowed to take hits from the backline of the court. 


Just like every other player, a libero can also be substituted. The only difference in this substitution is that any player replacing the libero must wear a jersey colored the same as the starting libero’s jersey. For this reason, most volleyball leagues require all potential liberos to be dressed in the same jersey color as the alternate even while still on the bench. 

The table below contains questions on why the setter wears a different color jersey in volleyball, whether the libero is the best player, and if a libero can make a serve. 

Why Does A Libero Allow To Wear A Different Jersey Color? By rule and nature, the liberos are the only volleyball players allowed to wear a different jersey during a volleyball game.
Is Libero Considered As The Best Player? No! Liberos are only the second-best player on a volleyball team.
Can I Serve As A Libero?Yes! You’re allowed to serve as the libero of a team according to the rules from the USAV rulebook.
What Are Some Rules Guiding The Liberos?A libero should follow some rules to avoid being penalized by the match officials. Check the article body to find out these rules.

Why Does The Setter Wear A Different Color Jersey In Volleyball?

A libero is the only player allowed to wear a different jersey during a volleyball game. He or she has just one major role on the court, which is to reinforce the defensive back row. Since a libero can come in and out of the court anytime he wants without the team coach asking for a substitution.  

Is The Libero The Best Player?

Yes! But most people would say the libero is the second-best player, while the setter is the quarterback. The libero has the ability to win matches for you since he or she has the most important ability of the libero is serve-receive, which helps to neutralize the service of the opponents. 

Can A Libero Serve?

Yes! According to the rules from the USAV rulebook, it is legal for a libero to serve after he or she has replaced the player in position one. Although a libero may not attempt to block during a volleyball game. 

Conclusion – Wrapping It Up! 

The liberos are the only players allowed to wear jerseys different from teammates. So, anytime you see a player wearing a jersey with a different color from his teammate, just know that he’s a libero. We’ve come to the end of this blog post. We hope you were able to find resources in your quest to know different color jerseys in volleyball. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments. Thanks!




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