What Is The Standard Height For A Golf Club? (Analyzed!)

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The standard golf club has a height of approximately about 5’7″ to 6’1”. Speaking about golf cubs, the size of a golf club is very important, and not just the size, but a correct golf club size which will aid you in becoming a better and a good golf player and make the sport more sensational, a wrong club size will have a contrary outcome, which brings us to the question “How tall should you be for a standard Golf Club?” 

Your height is the basic factor but hinges on other numerous factors which include your swing style, golf clubs, posture and stance, and also your class of skills. 

Owning a golf club that is not appropriately suited for length can be a prominent contributor to conflicting performance. Golf players need to make distinct certainty that the golf clubs they are purchasing are fitted to their body kind and length. This is extremely crucial for golf players who are taller or shorter than average height(in golf).

We’ve prepared a Golf table size to help beginners in their quest for a good golf club.

Golf Club Size By Height

Golf Club Size By Height

Having a certain height in golf does not necessarily mean you’ll find just the right golfing club and size for you.

Fitting golf clubs seem like the appropriate thing to do but given its huge cost, it makes it easy for both tall or short players to find the right club, hence ensuring optimal performance on the course.

An alternatively better approach has been introduced by Dechambeau at Golf.com. He introduced a single-length iron that has come to change the way golfers think of golf club sizes. 

Bryson recommended that the iron range of a golf club should be the same length as 7 iron clubs.

Bryson’s introduction of the single-length iron into golfing has not gone without ceaseless debate which still persists till the present day. Others argue that is Bryson’s method bred my success amidst golfers or golfers should stick to the traditional approach.

Why Is A Corresponding Length Important?

Making use of clubs that are either too small or too lengthy can result in a golfer altering their posture or golf swing in aspects that could affect the outcome negatively and can also result in unstable ball striking.

If a player possesses clubs that are too small and short, it will always be a must for them to bend over greatly from the midsection in their position. Contrarily, golf clubs that are too lengthy will compel the player to strut too upright. 

It is only when the size and length of the golf club are accurate and valid, modified to the golfer’s length, height, and size, will players be enabled to take a proper posture and stance, which will enable them to create the right swinging action.

Overall Height

This is the initial step in figuring out your proper golf club size and length. It begins with your all-around height length and measurement!. It is the most extensive fundamental technique for knowing the adequate club length you need, but it does not deliver enough information for a valid judgment or conclusion.

As affirmed above, general height itself is a preliminary measurement for specifying proper golf club length. So the process is more thorough, exact, and more accurate, it is with great certainty general height should be merged with another fixed measurement method. The wrist-to-ground ratio.

Wrist – To – Ground – Ratio

The wrist-to-ground ratio is a widespread, often-used cadent for deducing an accurate golf club length. The reason why it is so penetrating in club suiting is that it augments an extra layer to the measurement, which enhances accurateness.

Correlated with the limited procedure of only making use of a player’s all-round height, the wrist-to-ground ratio assumes the other facets that can affect a club length estimation: namely, the length of the player’s arms and the length of their legs. Two exact persons of precisely the same height can have entirely different wrist-to-ground estimations, because of the disparity in their arm and leg lengths. it is certain, this measurement is a significant part in the fitting procedure and will guarantee that you are appropriately suited for club length.

When measuring your wrist-to-ground ratio, you should strut on a tough floor with your two arms hanging directly down at your sides. Put on normal boulevard shoes or sneakers so there will be no impact on your height ratio and measurement by wearing elevated than norm shoe heels.


How Tall Is Too Tall For Standard Golf Clubs?

Tall For Standard Golf Clubs

 6’3” and above! You will possibly demand clubs that are slightly lengthy and extended than normal. The basic golf clubs that come from the factories are generally designed to help golf players who are approximately 5’7” to 6’0”

How Tall Should You Be To Use Junior Golf Clubs? 

 60 inches tall! They will always be okay with a rack of junior clubs from a good manufactory. When they reach 5 feet, skilled junior golf players really profit from having each golf club fit for their game. The weight of the club is also very vital and significant to junior golf players or golfers.

Does Your Height Really Matter Golf Clubs?

Apparently, golf is a game of recurrence, particularly your swing should not really change in most situations, your posture will always be exact. It doesn’t count how tall and gigantic you are, If you have a profound crouch in your swing because your wrists will then be higher to the floor, which implies there is a necessity for shorter clubs.


As a golf player completely trying to verify what your adequate golf club length should be, you should actually conduct both of the measurements highlighted above. Your all-around height and the wrist-to-ground ratio and length can be performed effortlessly at home. it is also essential you make use of the golf club guide detailed above, so you’d be able to produce and attain a tremendous performance!

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