Why Are Honma Golf Clubs So Expensive? (Find Out Why This Japanese Brand Is The Talk Of The Day!)

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Honma golf clubs are expensive due to meticulous craftsmanship, premium materials, and hand-crafted manufacturing. A set can cost $5,000 to $75,000, reflecting high-quality components and limited production, appealing to discerning golfers.

The Table Below Contains The Reasons Why Honma Clubs Are Expensive. 

Reasons Why Honma Clubs Are Expensive Explanation
Raw materials are used for their clubsHonma makes use of a special steel that are way better than the normal cheap industrial steel. Although most clubs manufacturers make use of steel too, but the kind of soft steel that Honma uses for its clubs is just unique and noticeable with every ball contact.
Hand forged clubsHonma clubs are always forged. A typical example of one of irons is the Honma TW747 V iron which can be forged from one piece. However, not all their irons can be fully forged.
Handmade ShaftsThrough the market of golf clubs, Honma is acknowledged for producing the majority of the shafts of its. Even when Honma occasionally allows or maybe chooses Tour World irons, shafts from various other competitors, it nevertheless keens on producing their own shafts.

Why Are Honma Clubs So Expensive? 

We’ve highlighted three good reasons why Honma clubs are expensive. Check them out! 

Raw Material For Honma Clubs 

One thing we love about Honma is that they make use of special steel that is way better than the normal cheap industrial steel. Although most club manufacturers make use of steel too, the kind of soft steel that Honma uses for its clubs is unique and noticeable with every ball contact. Just know that you’re paying for a high-quality material because the steel used will certainly serve you well. 

Hand Forged Irons 

Another thing we love about Honma clubs is that they are always forged. A typical example of one of the irons is the Honma TW747 V iron which can be forged from one piece. However, not all their irons can be fully forged. For example, Honma Beres, a “two-piece” iron can only be forged partially. But be assured that, at least if possible, Honma irons are forged by hand. This process of hand forging is much more complex and expensive than normal casting. 

Handmade Shafts 

Throughout the industry of golf clubs, Honma is known for making most of its shafts on offer. Even if Honma sometimes allows or perhaps selects Tour World irons, and shafts from other competitors, it still keens on making its own shafts. This is simply because Honma has masterclass club designers who are capable of designing excellent shafts that fit well into most club heads. 

For the Beres range, this is just exceptional! Honma Beres isn’t a leader in a particular industry sector in the terminology of quality for nothing: the ArmRQX shafts are incredibly mild as well as gentle but have excellent torque values. This particular value is a decisive quality criterion for shafts. The bigger the amount of stars selected, the greater this worth. These unique shafts alone make buying Beres clubs rewarding for a lot of players..

Are Honma Clubs Any Good? 

If you’re a pro golfer with a slower swing speed and in need of a draw bias, Honma clubs are ideal for you. If not better, Honma clubs perform just like any of the clubs available on the market, and their price is getting better as they are not as expensive as they used to be.

Pros and Cons of Honma Golf Clubs


1. Exceptional Craftsmanship: Honma clubs are meticulously handcrafted, ensuring top-notch quality.1. High Price: Honma clubs are among the most expensive in the market, making them less accessible for many golfers.
2. Premium Materials: They use exotic materials like platinum and precious woods, enhancing aesthetics and feel.2. Limited Availability: Honma clubs may not be readily available at all golf retailers, limiting accessibility for testing and purchase.
3. Customization Options: Extensive customization allows golfers to tailor clubs to their specific preferences.3. Not Ideal for Beginners: The precision and soft feel may not suit beginners or high handicappers.
4. Performance: Honma clubs offer consistent and precise performance, catering to low handicap and professional golfers.4. Limited Brand Recognition: They may not have the same recognition and reputation as some other established golf brands.

Honma’s World Series Competitive Prices 

It was in 2019 that the World 747 series made its debut on the market and it has managed to remain relevant since then, having acclaimed the spot of the most successful Tour World series to date. All thanks to Justin Rose, who made a higher degree of popularity for the series and also coupled with the fact that a Tour World price is just €1,109, making it affordable for all. However, you must consider the fact that you will pay some charges for additional irons and other shafts, which keeps the overall price within €1,500. Just in case you need to know, it doesn’t matter whether you’re opting for TW747 P, Vx, V, or Rose Proto. Average pro golfers are privileged by the affordable prices of the Tour Worlds. Also, you will have the TW747 Driver for just €629

A short overview of the prices of Honma;

1. TR20 P, V, and B irons – 7 irons in graphite shafts; €1680 and in steel shafts; €1680

2. TR20 Driver; €699

3. Honma Beres Driver in 3 stars: €1249 and in 2 stars; €949

4. Honma Beres Fairway Wood: €649 and €699

5. Honma Beres Hybrid ; €499 and €559 

6. Honma Beres Irons from #6-#11; €2334 and €3294 

7. Honma XP1 Driver: €629

8. A set of 6 irons €1,109

9. €1319 with Vizard graphite shafts 

10. Fairway Wood: €349

Final Thoughts – Wrapping It Up! 

A lot of people wonder why Honma golf clubs are very costly, and a few flat do not understand exactly why because cannot see the big difference between these Honma clubs and different less expensive ones. Gonna golf clubs are costly since they’re made with unique steel that is way a lot better than the low-cost industrial steel. Additionally, Honma irons are nicely forged. We’ve come to the closing session of this informative article. We hope you were able to find resources in your quest to know why Honma clubs are expensive. Please do not hesitate to contact us for questions or comments. Thanks!




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