Tommy Armour Golf Clubs Review (All You Need To Know About The Renowned Golf Club Brand!)

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The once-popular Tommy Armour line of golf clubs that was the king in the golf clubs market in the 1980s is set to make a comeback after a brief recess. Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy stores have already bought the brand and they are determined to bring out the best in the brand. Having been first launched in the 1970s, Tommy Armour had gained a lot of recognition for producing the renowned 845s line of irons and was halted with all its retail platforms closing down in 2016, after being owned by a Sports Authority private brand. A subsidiary of BMW group, named Designworks, was partnered with by the Dick’s in order to rejuvenate the brand and design a set of game improvement irons and woods for mid-to-high professional handicap golfers which are presented at an affordable retail price than its other competitors in the market.

The True Story Of The Tommy Armour Clubs

The Tommy Armour TA1 set of irons, for example, are priced at $599  while the TA1 Driver for $299, and the price for a piece of the brand’s Impact putter will be $100. The clubs will be made available to the customers in-stores at Dick’s and Golf Galaxy and available online starting March 18. Dick’s Sporting Goods Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Scott Hudler said that “We are ready to commemorate the history of the Tommy Armor brand and build a product that professional golfers at different levels could use to play the game of golf”. He added that “ From the early feedback we have received, our new golf clubs are just something you need to try out as a professional golfer to experience the difference they offer in both feel and distance. If you’re a pro golfer looking for ways to improve your game, then try our brands, it’ll definitely be a game-changer for you.”

After Dick’s joins Top Flite, Walter Hagen, and Maxfli, Tommy Armour becomes the recent in-house private label golf brand. Tommy Armour which is a Scottish-American professional golfer who won three major championships; the 1932 British Open, 1930 PGA Championship, and the 1927 U.S Open, might not be even known by many golfers today. His name was used to market the first line of clubs which was launched many years ago after his death in 1968.  More than a half-million sets were sold by the Tommy Armour 845 line of golf clubs.

Is Tommy Armour A Good Brand?

Tommy Armour 845 was the only golf in that competed with the Ping Eye 2’s dominance of the iron market in the 1980s and early ‘90s, where over 600,000 sets were sold. The brand was named after Tommy Armour (who was an Hall of Famer inducted in 1976) from Scotland, who later moved to the United States in 1922. During his days, he won the 1931 Open Championship at Carnoustie, 1930 PGA Championship at Fresh Meadow on Long Island, New York, and the 1927 US Open at Oakmont. It was in the 1970s that the Tommy Armour brand was founded, and the 845 line sales made it gained popularity all around the world as it remained a relevant iron club manufacturer until the beginning of the first decade of the new century. The 845 line sales was a major boost in its popularity and since the brand could not repeat the success of its seminal iron, the name of the brand faded away from the market and the 845 line remained the only product for which the brand is best known.

Who Makes Tommy Armour Golf Clubs?

Truly it’s not new with a handful of other once-famous golf brands recently, as the Intellectual Property, Tommy Armour trademarks and licenses owners moved from one company to another – Crystal Capital, Hilco Consumer Capital, Huffy Corporation, and TearDrop Golf and, in 2010, to Sport Authority which became Tommy Armour-branded clubs sole vendor, having sold bargain drivers, irons, putters, woods, irons, wedge, and even shoes off the shelf.

But something bad happened to Sports Authority as they went bankrupt in March of 2016 and, in June of the same year, Dick’s Sporting Goods bought the Sports Authority brand name for a sum of $23m, and intellectual property, and the lease on 31 stores too. Dick’s completely took over the Sports Authority and ever since started operating it.

After two years of working on how to rebuild the brand with Designworks, which is a BMW Group subsidiary, it is good to know that the Tommy Armour brand got better and then resurfaced in the market of golf clubs, joining the leagues of top in-house, private brands like Walter Hagen, Top Flite, and Maxfli. For customers who want to patronize the brand, the extensive line of Tommy Armour products were made available for customers online and at different Dick’s Sporting Goods stores after being placed above bargain-basement-quality.

The Senior Product Manager of Golf of Dick’s Sporting Goods said “Our goal is to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the brand name and place it among the most sought-after in the country by designing our products with advanced cutting edge technology and materials at cheap and affordable prices”.  The TA1 is clearly the flagship of the initial product line-up, it is a very strong and durable driver designed with a lot of state-of-the-art technology with a price that makes it level up with the Tour Edge/Cobra/Cleveland/Wilson/Lynx bracket – a notch below the big boys in terms of prestige and price, but nonetheless, a good chance for many golfers out there.

Are Tommy Armour 845s Good Golf Clubs?

In the 1980s, Armour designed the Silver Scot 645 which is among the couple of non forged heads that should be in the Smithsonian. We know about someone who bought (on sale) a pair of G Loomis graphite shafts which would’ve retailed for more than $1750, that is as PXG charges today. Tommy Armour’s decline arrived together with the evolution of competitors and advertising with greater quantities of ambition and capital. Armour’s niche dwindled till they had been relegated to the beginner/budget offerings at huge box stores.

The gear of theirs even now gets feedback that is excellent, but since nobody on Tour of mention plays it, it suffers for the limelight. It is astounding just how effortlessly the customer market place is preoccupied, just how much a business suffers because of it, and the way it does respond to the cause. Armour remains living, along with the latest rumors claim that Dick’s Sporting Goods is placing much more energy into showcasing the emblem. Done but not out there, this shift will have to be a lot more than putting lipstick on the mannequin. Possibly Tommy Armour’s R&D staff had better have a number of rabbits prepared to be yanked- Positive Many Meanings – from hats, and they put together marketing endeavors of both passions will have to get nice equipment on the marketplace daylight by having an engaging plan.

Review Of Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scot Irons

We’ve going to talk about the renowned product line from the Tommy Armour, the 845 Solver Scot irons.


In the late 1980s, Tommy Armour Golf released the original 845 Silver Scot irons. These irons still traded heavily in today’s world mostly in the used market having being manufactured throughout the 1990s. The 845 Silver features uninformed stainless steel construction with a balanced cavity back which makes them slightly toe-weighted. The 845s were stocked with later graphite shafts and True Temper steel. It includes a 2-iron through sand wedge, each refined offset. The brand also designed oversized versions. Novice and beginners players on a budget are what the Tommy Armour clubs including the 845 sets were designed for.


Armour 845s have a comfortable and soft feel, mid-sized clubhead with their cavity balance. The sole moves swiftly through the golf ball as they also have a nice bounce. Long irons (2-to-5-iron) are capable of delivering excellent-to-superb distance and are strong shot-shapers. On the other hand, shot irons offer solid spin, are precise, and delivers nice penetrating trajectories


845 Silver Scots are bit small just like other mid-sized clubs of 1990s and 1980s, which will definitely give an average player a slight lack of confidence. Players with fast, jerky seeing tendencies complained that long irons are not too forgiving, making their antiquated game-improvement noticeable.

Final Words

Tommy Armour 845 was the sole golf in which competed with the Ping Eye 2’s dominance of the iron sector in the 1980s and early’ 90s, in which more than 600,000 sets have been sold. The original Tommy Armour 845 Silver Scots are extremely affordable to handicap golfers who want golf clubs that would offer a great golfing experience. We’ve come to the end of this informative article, we hope you were able to get all the information you want to know about Tommy Armour Golf Clubs Review. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments about this blog post.

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